The visiting speakers series presented by the Center for Sustainability & the Environment will be a chance to learn and engage with leading environmental and sustainability thinkers.

Conversation with Jonathon Keats


Wednesday, March 8, 2017
6 p.m. Bucknell Hall, 8 p.m. Reception at Downtown Gallery
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In recent years, engineers have designed body armor based on beetle shells and applied the physics of butterfly wings to computer screens.

Biomimicry-the imitation of elements in nature-is a design approach that has served humanity, yet reciprocal benefits have not been extended to those organisms from whom we borrow inspiration.

In this dialogue, experimental philosopher and conceptual artist Jonathon Keats will discuss the potential for adaptation of human technologies to address key problems faced by other species, using an approach he calls reciprocal biomimicry.

Keats' visit to the area was coordinated by the BCSE and the Samek Art Gallery. The lecture, workshop and class visits were co-sponsored by the Bucknell Center for Sustainability & the Environment, the  Samek Art Museum, the College of Engineering, the Departments of Art & Art History, Biology, Philosophy and Biomedical Engineering, and the Environmental Studies Program.

Event recording sponsored by Bucknell Innovation Group

Marlen Sánchez: Agro-Ecology, Food Sovereignty, Social Justice

Marlen Sanchez

On Nov. 8, 2016, Marlen Sanchez, the national coordinator for agro-ecology for the Nicaraguan ATC (Rural Workers Association), spoke to a group of over 70 people.

The talk focused on agro-ecology (a form of low-input sustainable agriculture) and how that is seen as essential to food sovereignty, or the right of all people to define their own local, culturally-appropriate food systems. Sánchez has been part of La Via Campesina, (an international farmer and peasant movement) since she was a child, and she is now taking the message to audiences around the world.

Sanchez's visit to the area was coordinated by the Susquehanna Valley Climate Action Network. Her Bucknell lecture was co-sponsored by the University Lectureship Committee, the Managing for Sustainability major in the School of Management, the Department of Geography, the Center for the Study or Race, Ethnicity & Gender, the environmental studies program, the Bucknell Brigade, the Department of Economics, the Latin American studies program, the Department of Art & Art History and the Center for Sustainability & the Environment.