More than 100 people, including students, faculty, professional scientists, engineers, policy-makers, consultants, and community members, participated in the eleventh annual Susquehanna River Symposium Nov. 11-12, 2016, at Bucknell University.

"A Tale of Two Rivers: The Delaware and Susquehanna" drew participants from as far away as Virginia for the two-day event. On Friday, speakers included former PA Senator Franklin L. Kury and Bernard Sweeney, President and Senior Research Scientist at the Stroud Water Research Center. The poster session featured more than 80 research projects.

On Saturday, Bucknell’s Elaine Langone Center continued to be a hub of activity with plenary talks by Raymond G. Najjar, Jeffrey Chaplin, Gerald J. Kauffman, and Bucknell alumna Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari '09, as well as breakout discussion sessions and oral presentations.

A networking social event at the end of the day featured table displays from more than a dozen agencies, universities, and conservation groups along with a presentation of awards for student research.

Student Research Awards

Best Hydrology, Geology & Landscape Poster

Joshua Prezkop & Sabrina Savidge (with Prof. Matthew Ricker) from Bloomsburg University:
"Analysis of Soil Geochemistry in Tributary Alluvial Deltas of the Susquehanna River"

Best Ecology Poster

Hailey Shannon, Tara Barbarich, Maggie Raup and Derek Wilson  (with Prof. Matthew Persons) from Susquehanna University (and with Prof. Brian Mangan from King’s College):
"Variation in Mercury Levels Among Riparian and Non-Riparian Species"

Best Water Quality Poster

Kristin Dippold (with Prof. Carl Kirby) from Bucknell University:
"Towards Seasonal Optimization of the Buffalo Creek Acid Precipitation Treatment System (BCAPTS) in Union County, Pennsylvania"

Best Undergraduate Student Oral Presentation

Andrew Putt (with Prof. Jeanne Kagle) from Mansfield University:
"Detection and Monitoring of Environmental Triclosan Degradation Gene Expression In Situ"

Best Graduate Student Oral Presentation

Karli Rogers (with Prof. David Janetski) from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Shawn Rummel and Kathleen Lavelle from Trout Unlimited:
"Assessment of Road Culverts as Passage Barriers to Wild and Stocked Trout in Pennsylvania Headwaters"