The CSREG faculty colloquia series enables Bucknell faculty to present their ongoing research and works-in-progress to fellow faculty members and students. Each year three to five faculty members present their research on a wide range of topics. We often invite faculty who have received CSREG summer research grants to present the results of their projects in these colloquia.

Upcoming Presentations

Spring 2018

Tuesday, Feb. 6, 4:30 p.m., Willard Smith Library (VL 125)

Katherine Faull, Prof. of German & Humanities "Race, Religion, and Iron: A Case of Knowledge Transfer between West Africa and the Colonial Mid-Atlantic States?"

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 4:30 p.m., Willard Smith Library (VL 125)

Vanessa Massaro, Asst Prof. of Geography "Externalizing the “Inmate”: Tracing the Intimate Economies of the New Geographies of Correctional Supervision"

Tuesday, March 20, 4:30 p.m., Willard Smith Library (VL 125)

Meenakshi Ponnuswami, Prof. of English "British Asian Women in Performance: Stage, Screen, and Stand-Up"

Fall 2017

Coralynn Davis (women's & gender studies and anthropology)
“Revisioning Our Stories: Drawing on Tradition for Changing Women's Lives in Mithila”

Abe Feuerstein (education) and Sue Ellen Henry (education)
“The Hidden Language of Social Class: How Teachers Read Students' Bodies”


Mai-Linh Hong (English)
“Resettling America: Refugee Law and Refugee Narratives”

Scott St. Pierre (women’s & gender studies)
“Cuck: Meninists, Aardvarks, and Other Peculiarities in 21st Century Anti-Feminist Discourse”

Jason Alley (sociology)
"When You’re 64: Experimental Ethnography and San Francisco’s Young-Old"

Anthony Stewart (English)
"A Visitor Thinks About 'Home.'"


Nick Jones (Spanish)
"Out of the Mouths of Slaves: Africanized Iberian Languages in Imperial Iberia."

Brantley Gasaway (religious studies)
"Progressive Evangelicals and the Ethics of Same-Sex Marriage"

Rhonda Sharpe (economics)
"I'm Every Woman: Income Distribution by Race and Ethnicity"

James Haile (philosophy)
"Ta-Nehisi Coates: quantum matter and the phenomenology of the body"

Carolyn Holmes (political science)
"White Men's Guilt and Black Women's Pain: Gender, Race, and Embodiment in South Africa's Reconciliation Process"

Ketaki Pant (ASIANetwork-LUCE Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, CSREG and Religious Studies Department)
"Homes of Capital: Merchants across Indian Ocean Gujarat"


Ashli Baker (classics & ancient Mediterranean studies).
"Sex and Subjugation: gender, the body, and Roman imperialism in Ovid's 'love' poetry."

Jeanne Marecek (Swathmore College),
"Dying to Tell? Culture, Suicide and Deliberate Self-harm."
Co-sponsored with the Department of Women's and Gender Studies.

Alexis Henshaw (political science).
"Why Women Rebel: Understanding Women's Participation in Armed Rebel Groups."

Neil Visalvanich (political science).
"Asian American Political Candidates: An Experimental View.."

Jennifer Silva (sociology/anthropology)
"Re-Imagining Adulthood: How Working-Class Youth Negotiate Intimacy, Community, and Self-Worth in the Neoliberal Era"

Allen Tran (sociology/anthropology)
"The anxieties of romantic and unrequited love in post-reform Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam"


CSREG Disability Series
Kevin Daly
, (classics)
"Ancient Eyes and Dis(Abilities): Classical Greek Perspectives on Physical Difference"

Bastian Heinsohn, (German)
"The Language of the Street: On the Use of Graffiti in Post-Unification Berlin Films"


Lauren Fordyce (anthropology)
"Accounting for Responsibility: Vital Statistics and Prenatal Care among Haitians in South Florida"

Nikki Young (women's and gender studies)
"I am not that Hungry: Creative Resistance, Black Queers, and Family"

Vincent Stephens (Multicultural Student Services)
"Rocking the Closet: Queer Musicians and the Limits of the Closet"

Alejandra Roncallo (international relations)
"Obama and Latin America"


Atiya Stokes-Brown (political science)
"The Bridge over the Divide? The Politics of Afro Latinos and the Prospects for Inter-minority Coalitions"

CSREG/WGS Masculinity Series

Adrian Mulligan (geography) & Brian Chi '12
"Irish Masculinity on Parade"
Rivka Ulmer (religion) & Eric Sobel '12
"Masculinity in Judaism"

CSREG/WGS Masculinity Series

Robert Midkif
(Assoc. Provost, psychology) & Jason Brown '13
"Man Up: Men's Transitions to Fatherhood in the U.S."
James Shields
(comparative humanities) & David Lackford '12
"Masculine Imagery in Early Buddhism"

CSREG/WGS Masculinity Series
Alf Sewers
(English, comparative humanities) & Drew Picketts '14
"From Cu Chulainn to Cordell Walker: The Ranger 'Mans Up' to Cosmic Marriage"
James Orr (East Asian studies) & Wally Watkins '12
"Play Up and Play the Game: Baseball and Manhood in Japan"


CSREG/WGS Masculinity Series
Collin McKinney
"Seeing Beyond the Black: Fashioning Masculinity in Ninteenth-Century Spain"

CSREG/WGS Masculinity Series 
Philippe Dubois
"Meat & Masculinity: Sexual Identity at the Table"
Linden Lewis
"Fanon, De-alienation, and the Memphis Sanitation Workers"

CSREG/WGS Masculinity Series
James Peterson
"New Ethnicities/Masculinities in the Narrative of Hip Hop Culture"
Bill Flack
"College Men and Responsibility for Sexual Assault"

CSREG/WGS Masculinity Series
Ann Tlusty
"'Are you Jews, or Soldiers?' Masculine Identity, Social Exclusion, and the Right to Bear Arms in Early Modern Germany"
Jason Ritchie
(sociology & anthropology)
"Patriots & Pedophiles in the 'War on Terror': How Men Are Made (and Unmade) in the Service of the Nation"

Bethany Collier
"Merchant, Clown, or Princess?: The Chinese in Contemporary Bainese Performance"

Paula Davis (theatre and dance)
"Performing Identity: Traditional Costume at Folklore Festivals in the Balkans"

Lakeisha Meyer
"Culturally Competent Practices for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges"


Elizabeth Durden (sociology)
"Voces de Tabi: Yucatecan Mayan Immigrants, Hometown Associations and Transnational Activism"

Christopher Magee
"Own-Race Bias Among NBA Coaches"


James Peterson (English)
"This is the Remix: Repetition as a Figure of Hip Hop Culture"

Erica Delsandro (women's and gender studies)
"A Ninetyish Feeling": Decadence, Dandies, and Queer History in the 1930s

Ned Searles (anthropology)
"Of Symbols and Substance: Ethnicity in a Canadian Arctic Town"

Ben Marsh (geography)
"Revealing Municipal Discrimination Through Mapping: Research and Legal Applications"


Adrian Mulligan (geography)
"'I Breath, and Lo! The chattel becomes a man': the transformation of Frederick Douglass in the Emerald Isle "

Julian Bourg (history)
"Your Sexual Revolutin Is Not Ours": French Feminist "Moralism" and the Limits of Desire

Sue Ellen Henry (dducation)
"Social Class as Liminal Position: Understanding Experiences of First Generation College Students"

Coralynn Davis (women's and gender studies)
"Talking Tools, Suffering Servants, and Defecating Men: The Power of Storytelling and Subaltern Registers in Maithil Women's Tales"


Michael Drexler (English)
"Hurricanes and Slave Revolts"

Michelle Johnson (anthropology)
"Culture's Calling: Race, Gender, and Cell Phone Use Among Mandinga Immigrants in Portugal"

Mary DeCredico (Provost)
"The Diary from Dixie: Mary Chesnut and the Southern Confederacy"

Karline McLain (religion)
"'Immortal' Heroines: Goddesses, Wives, and Warriors in Indian comics Books"

Christopher Boyatzis (psychology)
"Women's Body Image and Eating Behavior: Does God Matter?"


Gundolf Graml (German)
"Black Bodies on White Snow: Luis Trenker's Film The Prodigal Son as a Case Study for the (Re)Construction of Whiteness in Nazi-Germany"

Robin Jacobson (political science)
"To Organize or Demonize: Unions and the Politics of Immigration"

David Del Testa (history)
"From Concubinage to Indochinoise: Reading the Beaucarnot Diary for New Creole Identities in French Indochina"

Janice Mann (art & art history)
"Transforming Barbados into "Bimshire": the Building Projects of Bishop William Hart Coleridge (1789-1849)"


Bill Flack (psychology)
"Unwanted Sex at Bucknell"

Nina Banks (economics)
"Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander: Economist First"

Tristan Riley (sociology)
"The Rebirth of Tragedy out of the Spirit of Hip Hop"

Michael James (political science)
"The Normative Consequences of Identity Construction""


Emek Ucarer (international relations)
"Trafficking in Women and the European Union: Shifting Frames, Sifting Outcomes"

Glyne Griffith (English)
"The BBC Caribbean Voices Radio Program and the Development of Caribbean Literature"

Tish Crawford (English)
""You're Taking What?!": Teaching Race and Gender Through Detective Fiction"


Sonia Kruks (women's and gender studies)
"Simone de Beauvoir and the Politics of Privilege"

Elizabeth Crespo (sociology)
"Feminist Activism in Puerto Rico"


John Peeler (political science)
"Citizenship and Difference: Indigenous Politics in Guatemala and the Central Andes"

Renee Gosson (French and Francophone studies)
"Landscape and Memory: Ecological, Cultural, and Racial Effects of French Assimilation in the French West Indies"

Linden Lewis (sociology)
"Engendering Democracy in the Caribbean"