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Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: DvD and Video Catalogue (Last Updated 1/23/06)   *Presentations alphabetized by first name  **Indicates a DVD

AMY LING; videotape of presentation; "Creating One's Self: The Eaton Sisters"; March 8, 1993.

**ANNE FAUSTO-STERLING; dvd of presentation at Bucknell "Gender, Sexuality, and the Problem of Memory"; April 13, 2010.

**BRIAN MARTIN; dvd of presentation at Bucknell; "Gays in the Military"; September 29, 2009.

BRINCANDO EL CHARCO; a film by Frances Negron-Muntaner, 1991.  Color, 55 min.

**CHARLES BATSON; dvd of presentation at Bucknell; "Queer/ing Quebec"; November 12, 2009. 

CHARIS THOMPSON; videotape of presentation; "Heterosex: The Human Embyo in the New Reproductive and Genetic Technologies"; March 19, 2003.

CLASSROOM CLIMATE WORKSHOPS: Gender Equity Video and Facilitation Guide, 1996, 30 min.

COMING OUT; a film by Icestorm International in association with the University of Massachusetts, original German version with English subtitles, 1989. Color, 108 minutes.

CORNEL WEST; workshop; October 4, 1991

**CUT FROM DIFFERENT CLOTH: BURQAS & BELIEFS; A documentary film by Cliff Orloff and Olga Shalygin, 2005. Color, 57 min.

CYNTHIA ENLOE; videotape of presentation; "The Militarization of Us and Them: American Civilians, American Soldiers and Iraqui Women"; March 9, 2004.

**DAVID LINDEN; dvd of presentation at Bucknell; "Love, Sex, and Brain Evolution"; October 30, 2009. 

DERRICK BELL; videotape of presentation; "Race and the Millennium"; September 21, 1999.

ELKE LIEBS; videotape of presentation; "Bertha von Suttner: Feminist, Activist, U.N. Champion"; November 17, 2003

**EVELYN BLACKWOOD; dvd of presentation at Bucknell; "Global Sexualities: Or Are There Really Lesbians and Gays Everywhere?"; March 29, 2010. 

[FRENCHTWIST; a Miramax Zoe release, 1998.  Color, 100 min.] missing

[GAY & LESBIAN IMAGES ON TELEVISION, October 15, 1998.] missing

JAMES SEARS; videotape of presentation; "Teaching Sex in America"; April 8, 1993

**JENNIFER BLOOMQUIST; dvd of presentation at Bucknell; "Looney Coons: Language, Race, and Ethnicity in Animated Film"; October 6, 2009. 

JENNIFER BOYLAN; videotape of presentation; "She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders"; March 31, 2005

JUGGLING GENDER; a film by Tami Gold, 1992; Color, 27 min.

KENDELL THOMAS; videotape of presentation; "AIDS, Race and Sexual Democracy"; September 27, 2002

KIMBERLY CRENSHAW; faculty workshop; November 18, 1998

**LAURA STOKES; September 19, 2006

LEWIS GORDON; videotape of presentation; 15th Annual Black Experiences Lecture-"Studying Black Folk in an Age of Disciplinary Decadence." October 4, 2001.

LIVES TOGETHER, WORLDS APART: MEN AND WOMEN IN A TIME OF CHANGE; compliments of the US Committee for the UN Population Fund, 2000. 56 min.

MA VIE EN ROSE (My Life in Pink); a film by Alain Berliner, 1997. Color, 89 min.


MARIPOSAS EN EL ANDIAMO (Butterflies on the Scaffold); a film by Margaret Gilpin and Luis Felipe Bernaza, 1995. Color, 74 min.

**MICHAEL GOMEZ; dvd of presentation; "African Muslims in the Americas"; September 24, 2007. 

**MICHELLE WRIGHT; dvd of presentation at Bucknell; "Black, But Not Like You: Race and Representation in the Age of Obama"; September 28, 2010. 

**MOHINI GIRI; dvd of presentation at Bucknell; "Women's Struggles in India"; September 24, 2009.

OFF THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW; a film by the Media Education Foundation, 1998.  Color, 63 min.

ON ORIENTALISM; a film by the Media Education Foundation; Color, 40 min.

[A PLACE OF RAGE; a film by Pratibha Parmer, 1994.  Color; 52 min.] missing

**PHILLIPE DUBOIS; dvd of presentation at Bucknell; "Why Real Men Don't Eat Quiche"; October 8, 2009



RISE UP, WOMEN! : The suffragette campaign in London, 1992, The Museum of London,  12 min.

SEXUALITY 101; 60 Minutes, March 22, 1998

SHAHNAZ KHAN videotape of presentation; "Finding Space Beneath My Feet: Post September 11th Reflections of a Muslim Feminist"; February 19, 2003.

SHOOT FOR THE CONTENTS; a film by Trinh T. Minh-ha, 1991.  Color; 101 min.

SHROUD OF SILENCE: GENDER APARTHEID IN AFGHANISTAN; a film by the Feminist Majority Foundation, 1996; 15 min.

STUART HALL SERIES; presentations of the Media Education Foundation

Representation and the Media, 1998.  Color; 55 min.

Race, the Floating Signifier, 1998.  Reference Edition: Color; 85min.

[SUE ELLEN CASE videotape of presentation; March 1998.] missing

SUE ROSSER; videotape of presentation; March 1998

THE TRANSFORMATION; a film by Susan Aiken and Carlos Aparicio, 1995; Color, 52 min.

TRICIA ROSE; videotape of presentation; "Black Cultural Futures: Struggles Over Representation, Identity, and Community in Hip Hop"; September 8, 2003 [2 copies]

KIMBERLE CRENSHAW, 12th Annual Black Experinences Lecture, Tuesday Nov. 17, 1998
Crenshaw Faculty Workshop Wednesday Nov. 18, 1998

WAHNEEMA LUBIANO; videotape of presentation; "Race and Theoretical Hubris: Narrative Utility, Political Discomfort", 16th Annual Black Experience Lecture; September 26, 2002

THE WAY HOME: A 25 min. preview

WU QING; videotape of presentation; "Trials, Tribulations, and Success: Women in China’s Booming Economy"; September 28, 2004