Margaret Cronin

Peg Cronin is a writing and teaching consultant in the Writing Center.


Carnegie Bldg.
P: 570.577.3141

Rafe Dalleo

Professor Dalleo teaches world literature in the English department, with a particular focus on the Caribbean.


209B Vaughan Literature Bldg.
P: 570.577.1653

Michael Drexler

Michael Drexler, Professor of English, writes about anti-racist resistance in American literature. He is currently working on a book that places the North American slave narrative at the forefront of literary innovation in the 19th Century.


202 Vaughan Literature Bldg.
P: 570.577.1319

Cymone Fourshey

Serving as a faculty member in both History and International Relations, Professor Fourshey is a scholar of early African History who specializes in issues of migration, gender, diplomacy, and Bantu epistemologies in the longue durée.


63 Coleman Hall
P: 570.577.3891

Robert Gainer

Professor Emeritus Robert Gainer served as Chair of Bucknell's Department of Theatre and Dance. His interests include stage direction, acting, dance, multi-disciplinary performance/arts and modern British theatre and culture.

Renée Gosson

Professor Gosson's research concentrates on the neocolonial French presence in Martinique, read through various cultural sites: literature, landscape, and commemorative statues.


169 Coleman Hall
P: 570.577.1748

Kelsey Hicks

Kelsey Hicks is the new director of the Women's Resource Center and coordinator of the Advocate program that supports survivors of stalking, dating violence, and sexual assault. The Women's Resource Center fosters an environment of equity and inclusivity by engaging in a model of intersectional feminism, celebrating the achievements of women, and educating the Bucknell community of issues that disproportionately affect women.


62 Langone Center
P: 570.577.1375

Mai-Linh Hong

Professor Hong writes and teaches in the areas of 20th/21st-century American literature, race and ethnic studies, intersections of literature and law, and critical refugee studies.


113 Vaughan Literature Bldg.
P: 570.577.1489

Barry Long

Professor Long directs the jazz ensemble and teaches coursework in jazz and music theory. He is currently working on a recording project inspired by spirituals and iconic Civil Rights photography.


212 Sigfried Weis Music Bldg
P: 570.577.1312

Elena Machado

Professor Machado Sáez teaches courses on contemporary American, US Latino/a, and Caribbean diaspora literatures.


112 Vaughan Literature Bldg.
P: 570.577.1894

Dustyn Martincich

Professor Martincich's research areas are in the intersections of dance and theatre performance, communication of narrative through performance, and in the roots of jazz dance, social dance, and musical theatre.


233 Coleman Hall
P: 570.577.2904

Meenakshi Ponnuswami

Professor Ponnuswami's interests include modern drama, theatre history, and performance theory. Her publications focus on postwar British theatre, most recently on the work of black British and British Asian playwrights.


207A Vaughan Literature Bldg.
P: 570.577.1654

Rosalie Rodriguez

Rosalie Rodriguez is the Director of Multicultural Student Services. She is a tireless advocate for social justice and her research focuses on ecological systems interventions to environmentalinjustice and food insecurity.


59 Langone Center
P: 570.577.1095

Jaye Austin Williams

A specialist in the melding of drama theory & performance with critical Black studies, Professor Williams travels internationally, lecturing and teaching interdisciplinary seminars on the analysis of structural racism(s) and their myriad performances, both subtle and overt, in modernity. Her current research focus is on Black dramatists' treatments of these performed antagonisms.


309 Academic West
P: 570.577.3053

Carol Wayne White

Professor White's teaching and research interests include philosophy of religion, process philosophy and theism, French poststructuralist philosophies, feminist theory and religion, religious naturalism, and science and religion.


10 Coleman Hall
P: 570.577.3526


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