Each academic year the Griot Institute offers the Bucknell Community a series that focuses on a question or issue of concern central to Africana Studies.

An academic course is offered to students in conjunction with the series. The series seeks to explore and examine the various questions of concern to Africana Studies interdisciplinarily in terms of their historical and contemporary resonances and significances. The series interrogates these questions from multiple disciplinary perspectives and employs the expertise and artistry of guest lecturers and performers in order to navigate their intellectual nuances and moral and ethical dimensions.

The series is open to the University community and the general public. Most events are followed by a question and answer session and a book signing by the guest lecturer or artist.

The Black Unfamiliar in the 21st Century

Spring 2019: This series asked the campus community to consider, in the face of the new century, the ways that scholars, artists, and practitioners have reconsidered familiar aspects of black culture, intellectual inquiry, and artistic production and have troubled traditional notions of black familiarity. These endeavors ranged from a reimagining of black theological traditions in terms of secular humanism, demythologizing of the realities of contemporary black immigration and asylum policy, and a rewriting of Confederate histories in light of black experience.

FACEing Race

SPRING 2010: Visiting artist E. Patrick Johnson led students and staff in a three-day performance workshop. The workshop resulted in participants performing monologues concerning issues of race, gender, and identity in the 21st century as part of an interactive artistic installation. Another main feature of the installation was visual art and poetry on the same theme, created by students in the courses of Professors Fennell, Gillespie, Long, Martincich, McCallum, Peterson, Ponnuswami, and Williams. E. Patrick Johnson closed the event with a performance of his one-man play, Pouring Tea.