1. To address the issues noted in the 2011 campus climate report regarding diversity and inclusiveness, particularly as it pertains to the identification of feelings of alienation and isolation among students of color;

2. To use campus-wide programming to educate the Bucknell campus community about issues of race, racism, and discrimination in an effort to transform problematic elements of our campus climate;

3. To assist Bucknell in its efforts to become a more diverse and inclusive institution;

4. To strengthen institutional ties with Bucknell's black alumni;

5. To engage the Bucknell campus community as active participants in learning and the creative process;

6. To serve as a catalyst and model for curricular transformation through programming and scholarship devoted to in-depth investigation and exploration of Africana studies. In addition to campus lectures and guest performances, the Griot Institute seeks to fill a vacuum in Bucknell's campus life by providing opportunities for sustained investigation of an academic question or problem through installations, interdisciplinary course collaborations, serial discussion groups, etc.;

7. To enhance Bucknell University's reputation and to support its mission through the implementation of innovative interdisciplinary scholarship and programming that highlights the University's specific commitment to Africana studies and general dedication to interdisciplinary exploration, study, research and performance;

8. To engage all Bucknell students, staff and faculty in collaborative projects with recognized and emerging artists, intellectuals, and scholars in order to create and investigate innovative points of disciplinary and theoretical connection and disconnection involving Africana studies;

9. To bring innovative artists, intellectuals, and scholars to campus to allow students to undertake ambitious projects and to earn course credit, and to strengthen programmatic ties among individual departments, programs, and other campus and community entities;

10. To encourage students, staff and faculty to explore and cross-fertilize the undeveloped and unimagined intersections between Africana studies and the arts, humanities, social sciences, and other disciplines;

11. To provide innovative and unique opportunities for the Bucknell University and Lewisburg communities to engage with and to experience the intellectual and artistic endeavors and cultural products of the Africana world.