Annette Arkeketa, Hotki

Annette Arkeketa is from Texas. She is known for both her poetry and playwrighting. Arkeketa is a mother of three.

Hokti is a poetic depiction of various roles of Indian women. The play tells multiple stories and the actors are challenged to play multiple characters. It is an ambitious play that eloquently guides audiences through Native American female struggles. The most challenging part of this production will be learning about the Native American cultural references and casting. (five female roles, four male roles)


Diane Glancy, The Truth Teller and Weebjob

Diane Glancy is from Missouri. She is also known for her other literary works in poetry and fiction. Glancy is currently teaching in Minnesota.

The Truth Teller explores the intersectionality of gender and Native American heritage. This play will be challenging with regards to its scenic needs. The book provides sufficient details for future directors and addresses the play's heavy dependency on props. (one female role, one male role)

Weebjob is a play about a man whose friend wants to marry his daughter. It deals with issues of family, sexuality, tradition, and respect for different interests. The extremely detailed playwright instructions describing the set, will give you some insight of the difficulty of staging this play. (two female roles, four male roles)


Terry Gomez, Inter-Tribal

Terry Gomez is from California. She is the mother of two. Gomez studied in the University of New Mexico.

Inter-Tribal is a play about the importance of connecting to your tradition and what it will leave behind. This play takes you through an experience that resonates with most individuals who are not familiar or connected with their family's roots. The most difficult part of this production is going to be casting. (three female roles, six male roles)



Spiderwoman Theater, Sun Moon and Feather

Spiderwoman Theater is a group of three Native American female playwrights. The three women are from New York City. The focus of their workshops is on connecting all aspects of life and performance into the art of telling stories.

Sun Moon and Feather is a reflective and autobiographical play. The play takes its audiences on an adventure in Brooklyn, New York where the women of Spiderwoman Theater grew up. The most challenging part of producing this play will be creating a set that successfully can withstand dancing, film display, traditional blocking, and singing. (three female roles)