1. Looking back on ILST, this program had a huge impact on me and what I think I want to do once I leave Bucknell. I do not think I would have been able to find a class or anything else on campus that would have taught me the things ILST did. By combining the three schools, I was able to acquire skills and learn things that I would not have had access to otherwise, and I think that that was exactly what I needed. I also was able to learn about aspects of sustainability that were never on my radar before. By expanding my knowledge and scope of sustainability, I now have a greater awareness of it in everyday life and have ideas for future job searches and employment.

2.  ILST was an awesome experience and I am so happy I had the opportunity to partake in this program. I loved the intensity and challenge the program presented. I appreciated learning how to work with a interdisciplinary team of Bucknell students to convert ideas, concepts, and theories related to sustainability into proposed solutions and help educate clients and stakeholders. I found the field trips (Wind farm, solar farm, dreamcatcher, kayaking, farmer's market, etc.) to be the most valuable aspects of the experience because it deepened my connection to my greater community, Bucknell, and my understanding of sustainability. The diversity of projects also was a great way to explore all the realms of sustainability. I also enjoyed being a part of the interview process for the next sustainability coordinator. Overall, I'd give this program an A and would recommend this program to future generations.  

3. I loved the ILST experience. I think having students from different colleges and living in the house together was an extremely rewarding learning opportunity for all of us to learn outside of our disciplines. Additionally all of the field experiences were very valuable and aided in learning by doing.

4. I learned a lot in this program about how sustainability can be a driven for industry and a cost saver for homeowners and commercial properties. Overall, I learned a lot about how I want to use sustainability in my career and further my green industry ambitions.   

5. ILST taught me a lot and gave me a sense of what I have interest in and how my life path can make a difference in the world.