Past students recount their experiences in ILTM

  • "ILTM has definitely been my most valuable experience at Bucknell."
  • "I really loved the experience and felt it was more challenging than many of my previous coursework and activities on campus."
  • "Very valuable. The only activity I partake in that had topped this is my membership on the women's crew/ rowing team. BUWR has built who I am, and ILTM has refined that mold."
  • "This is by far the best activity that I've involved in at Bucknell. The genuine realness of the program captivates me. In the past I did take MGMT 101 which counts as an experiential learning experience, but it's more of a simulated experiential experience than a real real one. Moreover, I've never had the chance to work with so many people from different disciplines and backgrounds before."
  • "I would say that this has been the most influential program I have been a part of at Bucknell without a doubt."
  • "It was quite a valuable experience. Through exposure to leadership theories, real successful leaders, and passion driven teamwork I was able to get through this program is something I rarely get at Bucknell."            
  • "I think that it is very valuable and I know that going into next semester I will look at school and assignments differently. Nothing that I have done compares to the quantity and quality of work that we produced during this program. It will push me to do better on everything I do moving forward."
  • "This program has given me more knowledge than any program or class I have taken at Bucknell. I know that I will always love management, but I also know that I want to take classes outside of my major to ensure that I get a true understanding of other fields."
  • "The program has been very valuable relative to other activities I have been involved with at Bucknell. I learned a lot and was pushed more than I am in a classroom setting. You definitely get out of the program what you put into it. Also, it tested my strengths and weaknesses and gave me a broader understanding of academic subjects and what it will be like to start working after graduation."
  • "I have participated in a variety of activities at bucknell and this will be by far the most valuable."
  • "This has been by far the most valuable program I have been involved in at Bucknell. This program has inspired me to seek out other opportunities that Bucknell has to offer over the next two years."
  • "This will probably be the most valuable program I ever do here at Bucknell. The combination of getting leadership insights from CEO's to completing a project of this magnitude has been a great experience. I don't think there is another program at Bucknell that provides both."
  • "This was the most valuable experience that I have had at Bucknell. I have set school records for Bucknell, yet I felt more pride and a greater to connection to Bucknell at the end of ILTM than I felt when I set those records. This was an empowering experience and it meant something. I grew during this program and I knew that the lessons I was learning and the time I was putting in were life-long skills. A lot of the other programs that I do at Bucknell are meaningful, but I am not learning things about myself or the topic that are unique to that specific program. ILTM redefined my thinking and approach to life experiences. I am sad to see it go but so grateful to have been selected for this program."
  • "This is by far the most valuable program that I have had at Bucknell in that it is a one of a kind experience. No other class or club has allowed me to work on projects for a specific company with people who are not in my major. I also feel that the level of care that the students and faculty of this program exhibit is better than anything I have experienced in Bucknell. This program forced me outside my comfort zone in ways that I had not had previously had. Because of this, I now have more clarity on what I need to focus on in order to become more successful in the future."

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