Mr. and Mrs. Lauren P. BreakironBucknell's Institute for Leadership in Technology and Management (ILTM) was founded in 1991 with a gift of $1 million from former Bucknell student and trustee Larry Breakiron (seen to the right with his wife) as part of the establishment of the Lauren P. Breakiron Technology and Management Fund. It was supplemented by a gift of $150,000 in 1999 from former trustee and President of the Bucknell Parents Association Board of Directors J. Randall MacDonald. The founding faculty, in the summers of 1991 and 1992, established the curricular goals and fundamental structure for "an integrated academic program to address the challenges of technological change and the changing global economy." Fundamental guiding principles identified at that time were:

  1. To integrate engineering and management knowledge in order to provide students with a more holistic view of technologically sophisticated and complex corporate and industry problems;  
  2. To integrate conceptual and theoretical knowledge with practice in the engineering and management professions.  

The original structure was a for-credit two-summer intensive experience for students majoring either in one of the then five engineering departments at Bucknell (Chemical, Civil and Environmental, Computer, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering), or in Management or Accounting, with the goal of making available to Bucknell students a learning experience that bridged the disciplines of engineering and management. The two summers of the program were constructed around on-campus course and project work for students who have completed their sophomore year and an off-campus internship experience for continuing ILTM students after their junior year.

The first offering of the on-campus component of the program was in 1993. Since that first offering, the program has changed

  • The program is now limited to the on-campus summer program.
  • The program became not-for-credit and with that change students were provided with a stipend.
  • Students from the liberal arts are an integral part of ILTM.
  • The major in biomedical engineering was added to the College of Engineering in 2003 and students from that major have participated in the program ever since.
  • The College of Management reorganized to offer four new majors: Accounting & Financial Management, Managing for Sustainability, Global Management and Markets, Innovation & Design
  • The program received national attention in the form of several peer-reviewed articles, one of which won a national award for best paper.