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"The Film"

by Kate Northrup

Come, let's go in.
The ticket-taker
has shyly grinned
and it's almost time,
Lovely One.
Let's go in.

The wind tonight's too wild.
The sky too deep,
too thin. Already it's time.
The lights have dimmed.
Come, Loveliest.
Let's go in

and know those bodies
we do not have to own, passing
quietly as dreams, as snow.
Already leaves are falling
and music begins.
Lovely One,

It's time.
Let's go in.


Kate NorthropIn "The Film," the speaker playfully woos a companion into a movie theater to see a film, celebrating this innocent act of escape from the self.

Kate Northrop is the author of three collections of poetry, Clean (2011), Things are Disappearing Here (2007), and Back Through Interruption (2002). She has taught at West Chester University and the University of Wyoming.

"The Film," from Things Are Disappearing Here © 2007 by Kate Northrup, used by permission of the author and Persea Books, Inc.