Jorden Sneed

Cape Coast, Ghana

Participated in Bucknell in Ghana program during the Spring 2016 semester

Broadening Horizons:

Untraveled Spaces
"I'm from LA, so going to Bucknell was the furthest I've ever traveled. Traveling to Ghana opened up a whole new world."

Favorite Food:

"Fufu is this yeasty substance that Ghanaians often eat as a part of a meal. It's made from a pounded yucca plant and is super gooey... It sounds weird but it tastes so good!"

Favorite Twi Word:

"Some of our Ghanaian friends were from Takoradi and spoke the Twi dialect. Orekodo is slang, with a similar meaning to 'it's LIT!' It can serve as a question or an answer."

Money Matters:

Exchange for Cedi
"The favorable currency exchange made it a lot easier to travel and try new things, especially food. You could get a full meal for a couple of USD."

A New Normal

"In America, we're so used to a certain type of lifestyle. It's normalized and we expect this level of luxury that we don't really notice until we go somewhere else. While in Cape Coast, we had to acclimate ourselves to a different way of life. When you flush the toilet, you're not a 100% certain it's going to flush; when you turn on a faucet, you're not a 100% sure that water is going to run. You have to live with what you have and be happy with that. Dwelling on what we didn't have would have made it a lot harder."

Academic Culture Shock

"I retained a lot more from my classes because the workload is so different. Ghanaians prioritize class participation and being engaged while you're in class, so there's less work to do outside of class. I was still challenged by the material, but I had time to really take in the information, rather than just reading to get an assignment done as fast as possible."

Surprise Yourself

"I was surprised by how much I adapted to the culture. It sparked this fire within me, urging me to travel, learn, meet new people and have these experiences. It's so stimulating for some reason. I never thought that I'd be able to travel, because I thought that it was too expensive and that you need to know everything about the culture before you go there. But that's not the case, it's more about understanding how to approach a culture when you get there. My experience has led to some intense wanderlust."