Meg Mullin

Florence Italy & Sydney, Australia

Enrolled in Syracuse University's program in Florence, Italy during the Fall 2015 semester and direct enrolled in University of New South Wales through Arcadia University in Sydney, Australia during the Spring 2016 semester

Favorite Class:

Living Art History
"I took an Art History class, and Florence is the center for all things art. We'd flip through our textbook and then see many of the paintings on a field trip the next day."

Favorite Food:

Gelato Records
"I wrote down an entire list of all of the gelato places I went to in Florence, complete with what I got and how it ranked. My favorite was a coconut flavor."

Double Decision:

The Choice for Two
"When I first decided to go abroad, I knew that I wanted to learn a new language, but I kept thinking about Australia. So, I decided to do two semesters."

Travel Advice:

You Can Do it Alone
"I loved traveling alone, but when you're alone, its important to be safe. Do your research. Pay a little extra for a private room in your hostel. Always have a paper map. Phones can die."

More than Picture Perfect

"I learned that its important to put the camera and phone down for a while. There were times when I would put everything down and just sit. I love having the photos and showing them to people, but when you're explaining an experience to someone, images won't tell the story of what it felt like to actually be there. And you need to put down the camera to have that experience."

Not So Different After All

"The culture in Australia reminded me so much of the culture back home. The ways we run our lives are so similar - we want to be busy, we want to get a good job, we want to have fun on the weekends. The university could have been anywhere, it just happened to be in Sydney. Which wasn't a bad thing, it just showed to me how similar that two places on opposite sides of the globe could be."

A Fine Balance

"The opportunity to travel requires balance. I did some traveling but I didn't break my bank. Definitely take some weekends and see some cities in Europe. I could go on and on about the different cities I've been to. But definitely see the country you're in. I didn't want to come home and have someone ask me if I've seen something in Florence and have to answer no. That would have been the worst mistake that I could have made."