Megan Grossman


Participated in Engineering 290 month-long course in Chile during the Summer 2016 semester

Guest Lectures:

Forging Connections
"We talked to a Chilean mine owner, Chilean business owners, and a Penn State graduate who moved to Chile to start his own micro-brewery."

Favorite Destination:

Torres Del Paine
National Park "It was beautiful and inspiring to see nature in its glory. After this trip I decided to explore an environmental concentration within my major."

Favorite Spanish Word:

"It's a type of animal, that's kind of like a llama, but smaller. Before, I didn't even know they existed. We saw tons of them while in Chile."

Returnee Discoveries:

Nothing Does It Justice
"It's hard to describe the abroad experience. For me, my pictures aren't just pretty images, but instead they are representative of so many experiences that changed my mentality."

Expansive Engineering

"The cool thing about Chile is that their geography is so diverse, so the engineering focuses are different depending on the region. The tallest building in South America is situated in the capital, Santiago, but it has to withstand magnitude 9 earthquakes. In the southern part of the country, though, buildings have to withstand extreme cold, as they're only a few hundred miles from Antarctica."

Looking Forward

"I think I'm in a unique situation, in that most people who study abroad are upperclassmen, so they have less time back at school to process their experience. I appreciate the different perspectives I gained while abroad, and I think I will carry that with me throughout the rest of my time here and beyond."

Low Tech Lifestyle

"For our course, Engineering in Extreme Climates, we had to complete a design challenge, but we were in the middle of nowhere without any internet connection. We all kind of freaked out initially, wondering how we were going to do this without Googling. But all of the projects turned out well. It really validated that sometimes we rely too much on the internet when we can use our own problem solving skills."