Messeret Kebede

Seville, Spain & Cape Coast, Ghana

Enrolled in CIEE International Business and Culture Program in Seville, Spain during the Fall 2015 semester and Bucknell in Ghana in Cape Coast, Ghana during the Spring 2016 semester

Favorite Class:

Migrations: Africa to America
"It's one thing to learn about slavery, but to be able to actually go to slave castles and walk the paths slaves took while shackled... You can't replicate that. "

Favorite Restaurant:

El Rinconcillo
"In Seville, you have to go to this restaurant called El Rinconcillo. It's the oldest tappas restaurant in the city. Locals flock there!"

Keeping Up:

Larabanga Village
"This semester, we're working on a Project for Peace proposal to establish a tourism experience to benefit Larabanga Village, which has one of the oldest mosques in Africa."


The Principle of Reciprocity
"Ghanaians really believe in kindness to stranger. They know that how they act now will affect them in the future, and I thought that was really beautiful."

Host Family

"In Seville, I lived with a host family: a 75 year-old Spanish couple. It was like living with my grandparents, which I had never gotten to experience while growing up. Their grandkids would come over every week for a family dinner. My Spanish family didn't know a single word of English. I would probably fill up my glass of water about 10 times to avoid saying anything. After, we took a crash course in Spanish, I felt a lot more confident in my Spanish which also helped me to figure out creative ways of communicating."

Double Decision

"When I decided to study abroad, I was only planning on going to Spain. I played around with the idea of studying abroad for the year, but I wasn't serious about it until September, while I was in Spain. I made the leap because I thought that Ghana would be the next step in pursuing more personal growth and development."

An Abundance of Choices

"I find that a lot of my friends who were abroad came back with more clarity on what they want to do. I feel like I came back almost more confused. Being abroad proved to me there are so many issues that I care about, with so many ideas that excite me and make me feel deeply, so I don't know what I want to do. It's a good realization, though. I feel less numb to all of the problems that are going on and I want to do something about them."