Shiqi Li

Munich, Germany

Direct Enrolled through Wayne State University in Ludwig-Maxilians-Universität München in Munich, Germany during Spring 2016

Favorite Class:

Environmental Politics in Germany
"Our professor was a Green Party politician, so we got to see the Green Party president in person."

Favorite German Word:

"It means cheers, and it's used often by the typical German." 

Faorite Memory:

"I loved being able to just tour around with friends - we checked out a ton of historical sites and would always end the day at our favorite vegan restaurant."  

Helpful Tips:

"Don't travel every weekend. You can always come back. When will you ever have the chance to live in a different culture for three months?"  

Home Sweet Home

"I lived at the student city, which is a postwar housing area created by students. It's a 20-minute subway ride from the university and just a little outside the city. I was living next door to German students, in my own single with a kitchen and bathroom. We would watch soccer games together in the common room. Most nights there were different techno parties, and whenever we wanted food we'd grill up something."

Stat Savvy

"I participated in an internship with a small statistical consulting company. I actually learned R, SAS and other stats analysis tools in German. I'm using these tools in one of my Bucknell classes this semester, so it's given me a leg up in that regard."

No Restraints

"When I was in Germany, I became more outgoing and less conscious about my every move, and I think that's a good thing. A lot of times, you just restrain yourself into your own circle. I didn't care as much about other people's opinions. And I think these lessons have helped me to grow as a person and will be useful when looking for a job."