Once the Office of Global & Off-campus Education has approved an application to study off-campus, students must complete the pre-departure section of their application and attend a mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation Workshop.

Select the links below to log in and complete Pre-Departure section of your application and register for a Pre-Departure Orientation Workshop:

Transfer of Credit Form and Course Selection Tools

Prior to departure, students must complete the Transfer of Credit (TOC) form to ensure the courses taken abroad will transfer back to Bucknell University, and to ensure students are enrolled in a full course load abroad. These items can be found within the pre-departure section of the student's study abroad application.

  • Transfer of Credit Form (TOC): The Transfer of Credit form is used to approve students' off-campus study courses for major, common core curriculum, or general Bucknell University Credits.
  • Full Course Load Reference Sheet: This document lists the required number of courses, by program provider; a student must be enrolled in while studying off-campus. Students must be enrolled in the equivalent of a full Bucknell University course load to remain a fully registered Bucknell University student.
  • Previously Approved Course Lists: These lists contain courses that have been approved for Bucknell University credit. Students should use this list in conjunction with the Transfer of Credit form when selecting their courses.
    Previously Approved Course List (Non-Engineers)
    Previously Approved Course Lists for Engineering Students
    Previously Approved Course Lists of Management Students
  • College Core Curriculum (CCC) Requirements: It is often possible for students to meet certain CCC requirements while abroad. Follow the attached guidelines for approval of courses in areas that will fulfill CCC requirements.