Below you will find a link to the Previously Approved Courses for biomedical, civil, chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering students.

This spreadsheet should be used to obtain examples of where engineering students were able to obtain approved classes in the past. The spreadsheet contains three tabs:

  • Engineering Courses
  • Other Approved Courses
  • EGHU and EGSS

Students who have questions regarding programs or abroad courses within their engineering specialization may also contact a representative of the Engineering International Education Committee (pdf) for targeted support.

** Students must check the specific University website for current course offerings. **

Previously Approved Courses

The Global Engineering Perspectives Scholars Program offers students the opportunity to benefit from Bucknell’s liberal arts environment and strong culture of abroad programs. Research has shown that study abroad yields the greatest educational outcomes for intercultural competency when it is couched in a curriculum that encourages preparation before and reflection after the abroad experience. This program exists to encourage students to engage in coursework and experiences that cultivate this understanding, and recognize the students that do. Students who complete the requirements will receive the designation of “Global Engineering Perspectives Scholar” on their transcript at graduation.