All courses, including internships, must be approved by the appropriate academic department  to receive University credit. 

Prior to departure students will complete the Transfer of Credit Form (TOC) which will walk students through the course approval process and how to receive credit for major, minor and University requirements. In some instances, students may find it necessary to divert from their previously approved courses. When this is necessary, students must follow the course approval process outlined in the Final Course Verification Form.

Guidelines for Transferring Courses from Abroad

  • While studying off-campus students must be enrolled in the equivalent of 4 Bucknell University credits (15-16 semester hours)
  • Students in a non-English speaking country must plan to take a language course, in the host language, as part of their full course load
  • Courses taken off-campus may be used to to fulfill a student's major, minor or University requirements once approved by the appropriate academic department
  • Only grades of "C" or higher will transfer for credit
  • Bucknell University will not accept credit for any Pass/Fail courses
  • Third Party courses transferred in from off-campus (non-Bucknell taught courses) will be referenced on students' Bucknell University transcripts but will not effect their Bucknell University GPA

Additional Information

For additional resources regarding the course approval process (specifically the Transfer of Credit Form, Full Course Load Reference Sheet, Previously Approved Course Lists, and the College Core Curriculum (CCC) Requirements) students should review the Pre-Departure Information page.