As students begin to research and apply for study abroad, academic advisers and faculty members play a pivotal role in the approval process. Students applying for study abroad must complete an advisor approval form confirming each student can complete their major course of study and a faculty recommendation supporting their application for study abroad.

eligibility to study abroad

Academic Advisors

The Office of Global & Off-campus Education is pleased to share information that may be helpful to you when advising students who are planning to study abroad.

Academic Advisors play an important role in helping students choose the right off-campus study program for their major(s), academic interests, and academic goals. Early in the application process, students are required to meet with their academic advisor to discuss academic progress and how off-campus/study abroad will complement their Bucknell University experience. This initial meeting allows the academic advisor to counsel the advisee regarding program selection and to communicate any concerns with respect to fulfilling major requirements.

Advisor Approval Forms and Faculty Recommendations

Every student applying to study off-campus for a semester or full-year program will be required to request an Advisor Approval Form and Faculty Recommendation Form to complete their Bucknell Off-Campus Study Application.

Students are instructed to meet with their Academic Advisor(s) and Faculty Recommender prior to submitting their Bucknell Off-Campus Study Application to seek faculty approval/agreement to complete the Advisor Approval or Faculty Recommendation on their behalf. Students will submit their requests via the Office of Global & Off-Campus Education's application system, and these requests will be sent via email ( to the requested faculty member. The email will include a direct link to the requested form, as well as:

Student Name:
Request Type: Advisor Approval, Faculty Recommendation, Language Evaluation
Program Name:

The Advisor Approval and Faculty Recommendations should be completed within two weeks of the initial email request. For any pending requests, a weekly system reminder will be sent to inform Academic Advisor(s) and Faculty members of each pending request.

Links to help you as you advise students: