A Bucknell Professor in Residence teaches a course orienting Bucknell en España students to the culture of Spain and Granada.

Students receive intensive language instruction to help ensure their success in their studies for the semester or year.

Semester session

Students who have completed SPAN 208 or the equivalent enroll in the Programa de Estudios Hispánicos, which includes courses from six groupings: language; culture; literature; art history; history and geography; and sociology, political science and economics. These categories include courses related to music, management and film, as well.

Students who have completed SPAN 207 or the equivalent but are not sufficiently advanced for Estudios Hispánicos will enroll in the Programa de Lengua y Cultura Española, which offers courses in language, literature, geography, history, art history and culture.

Courses approved by the student's academic advisor at Bucknell or the appropriate department director/chair will count toward the major.

Very advanced students who plan to stay for the full academic year (through July) may register for one regular university course offered by the Universidad de Granada, as may students who spend the spring semester in Granada. One of the courses taken during the semester may be another foreign language, chosen from the following offerings: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Modern Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish.