Bucknell en España students are placed with host families to facilitate their integration into Spanish family and social life. They usually have breakfast, dinner and a light supper with their host family.


Bucknell en España provides round-trip airfare between the New York area and Málaga and coordinates travel as a group from Málaga to Granada at the beginning of the semester. Students who wish to travel to Spain earlier on their own may do so with the ticket provided. Those who wish to arrive in Granada from locations outside the U.S. will be reimbursed up to the amount of the arranged group flight ticket and other group transportation. All receipts must be submitted to Kathy Guyer, director of financial services, by early June or early December.


At the end of their stay in Spain, students fly home at a date of their choosing (some restrictions apply). Students who are studying at Granada for the entire academic year are encouraged to stay abroad between semesters.