Courses in Tours are offered in conjunction with the Institut de Touraine, the Université Français Rabelais, and the Institut Universitaire de Technologie. These, along with the course offered by the Bucknell professor-in-residence, allow us to offer courses regularly in a variety of disciplines: French, economics, management, international relations and political science. Advanced students can take courses in almost any department of the Université Français Rabelais and thus apply coursework in France towards another major at Bucknell. In 2009-2010, for example, students earned credit for their majors or minors by taking courses in mathematics, psychology, management, international relations, linguistics, computer science, and history.

Students in the Novice Program follow a specific curriculum at the Institut de Touraine with credits counting for equivalent French language courses at Bucknell.

Students in the Intermediate Program or the Advanced Program can take advantage of a whole range of courses offered.

Course equivalency in Novice Program

If you cannot complete FREN 150 before beginning your study in France, you may want to consider a semester of intensive French in Tours . As a novice-level student, you will be enrolled in the Institut de Touraine, where you will take language classes appropriate to your level of French . Although these courses will differ in content and organization from those at Bucknell, you will earn credit for their closest equivalents at Bucknell. You will earn credit for three courses taken from the ordered sequence: FREN 101, FREN 102, FREN 103, FREN 104, FREN 150, FREN 270, and FREN 217.

Your previous courses or initial placement at Bucknell will determine exactly which three of these courses will be assigned. For example, if you have taken FREN 102 on campus before going to Tours , you will receive credit for FREN 103, FREN 104 and FREN 150. Or, if you have not taken any courses at Bucknell, but placed in FREN 104 upon arriving at Bucknell, then you would get credit for FREN 104, FREN 150, and FREN 270.
A course taught in either English or French, or a combination of both, (with reading material in French) may be offered by the Bucknell professor-in-residence (in the fall only). You may enroll in this course as your fourth course of the semester. It is also possible to arrange an independent study course directed by a Bucknell professor: see the description under Courses for Advanced Students.

Course selection for intermediate students

Students enroll in 4.5 course credits:

  • FREN 215, FREN 216, and FREN 276 are required
    of all BEF students in their first semester in Tours.
  • Two others selected from among optional BEF courses below or, in consultation with the professor-in-residence, among courses offered at the Université François Rabelais.

Required BEF courses

FREN 215: Advanced Intermediate French I (1 credit)
Intensive French language study at the Institut de Touraine during the student's first month in Tours. (fall and spring)
FREN 216: Advanced Intermediate French II (1 credit)
Guided practice for the improvement of written and spoken French at the advanced intermediate level: preparation for the exam for the French government's Diplôme d'Études de la Langue Française . (fall and spring)
FREN 276: Art and Architecture of Touraine (.5 credit)
The art and architecture of Touraine: museums, churches, chateaux, and other historical monuments - a microcosm of French art from the 15th to the 20th centuries. (fall and spring)

Optional BEF courses

ART 218: French Art and Architecture
Selected topics in French painting, sculpture, and architecture from medieval period to the present time. (fall)
ECON 277: The French Economy: Structures and Policies
Analysis of government planning since 1945. The conflict of liberal and socialist ideologies today. (spring)
FREN 217: Advanced French I
Intensive French language study at the Institut de Touraine during the student's first month of the second semester in Tours. Prerequisite: FREN 216 or equivalent. (spring)
FREN 230: Introduction to French Literature
Introduction to history of French literature through the 18th century and to methods of critical reading. (on demand)
FREN 231: Introduction to French Literature
Introduction to history of French literature of the 19th and 20th centuries and to methods of critical reading. (on demand)
FREN 300 level: French Studies
An advanced course in French literature, linguistics, history, or civilization will be offered each semester. The specific course number will vary. (fall and spring)
MGMT 212: Business, Government and Society in France
Political, legal, economic and social context of business in France. (fall)
POLS 230: French Foreign Policy Since 1945
Analysis of French foreign policy, institutions, and decision making processes in the Fourth and Fifth Republics . Current issues and problems of French foreign policy. (spring)

Additional courses for students who remain for the academic year

Courses in the Université François Rabelais
Students who stay the full academic year typically take one or more courses in the Université François Rabelais or the Institut Universitaire de Technologie. Offerings are available in most areas of arts and letters, natural sciences, and social sciences. These courses must be approved by the appropriate Bucknell University academic department.

Independent Study
An independent course may be taken under the direction of a Bucknell professor on-campus. Consult early with the BEF director and a professor in the discipline you want to study. You will need to decide upon a project and get all necessary approvals from the department and the registrar before going to France. During the semester you will be able to communicate with your professor through email, but both of you must assume that the work will be done independently under the conditions available in France.