Michelle John ’15

Michelle John '15 (@BucknellMichelle)

Markets, innovation and design, and Spanish 
Granada, Spain
"Being a study abroad Instagrammer will inspire me to capture moments in pictures I would have otherwise just kept as memories. I'll have a digital scrapbook to share all of my adventures in Spain with the world!"

Christopher Dunne

Christopher Dunne '15 (@BucknellChristopher)

Neuroscience and political science
Santiago, Chile
"Sharing my experience via Instagram will ensure that I actually take a lot of pictures while I am living in Santiago. I am sure I will love having those in the future."


Kumari Lewis '15 (@BucknellKumari)

Political science, French and art history 
Namibia and South Africa 
"I am super stoked to be able to share all of my experiences via Instagram because a photo can speak a thousand words." 


Joshua Wilson '15 (@BucknellJosh)

Political science, Italian studies and public policy
Padua, Italy  
"Instagram is such an easy way to view and upload pictures, and it's fun, too - there will be no shortage of Instagrammable opportunities in Italy!"

Isabel Rogers '16 (@BucknellIsabel)

Vocal Performance and arts entrepreneurship minor
Vienna, Austria
"I want to show people what a great experience going abroad is. Living and breathing a different culture is something you can't learn in a classroom."


Vincent Manalo '16 (@BucknellVince)

Economics and philosophy
Tokyo, Japan   
"I am excited to share some really awesome visuals with my followers on Instagram! Tokyo is one the most populated metropolitan areas in the world, so the shots are guaranteed to be awesome. I'll make it personal at times, so that'll be fun."

Ellie Frazier '15 (@BucknellEllie)

Psychology and education
Copenhagen, Denmark
“I know it’s only a snapshot or brief video each day, a surface exchange, but I still consider this a more authentic way of showing people what I’m up to, an instigator of future conversations, or at least a growing jigsaw puzzle of snapshots that reveal quite a bit about my travels.”

Spencer Ivey '15 (@BucknellSpencer)

Markets, innovation and design
London, England
“I love to record my experiences through photos and videos, and I think my journey will be worth sharing.”

Taylor Sisti '15 (@BucknellTaylor)

Civil engineering
Edinburgh, Scotland
“I cannot wait for my Instagram followers to share my experiences right as I am living them. It is amazing that they can be involved in my semester abroad instantaneously, even though they are thousands of miles away.”

Chau Tieu '15 (@BucknellChau)

Computer science and engineering
Auckland, New Zealand
“I feel like one picture can say a million words, and I’m looking forward to sharing my stories and adventures in New Zealand with everyone.”

Karalyn Sommers '15 (@BucknellKaralyn)

Electrical Engineering
Dublin, Ireland
“I think Instagram allows people to easily get a glimpse into the lives of other people. I hope that I can help other students understand what daily life is while studying abroad.”

Cameron Norsworthy '15 (@BucknellCameron)

Melbourne, Australia
“It'll encourage me to explore more so that I can vary my photos from day to day.”

Wenhui Xie '15 (@BucknellWenhui)

Hong Kong, China
“I’m excited to share my experience on Instagram, especially the unique and impressive landscapes and cultural products.”

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