Not running in 2019

*This course will count as an Integrated Perspective (IP) course for 2nd year students

Program Information

This three-week intensive summer travel course is designed to introduce students to unique attitudes, approaches and solutions Japan has marshaled in regard to sustainability in four areas: nuclear power use, environment, language and culture. Taught by a professor of biology and a professor of language and culture, this Integrated Perspectives course examines sustainability in Japan from a biological perspective applying biological concepts toward an understanding of social and cultural phenomena. Conversely, it will also offer insights on biological issues from a humanities standpoint. Students will read texts which will provide them with requisite basic knowledge and background about Japan, and will also read texts specific to the four aspects of sustainability the course treats.

Further, the class will travel to locations in Japan critical to further inquiry about Japan's current and future culture, environment, language and power. During the first week of on-campus study, students will engage in intensive basic language training which will facilitate communication while in-country and enhance cultural understanding critical to the aims of the course. During the in-country segment of the course, the class will travel as a group to Tokyo, Fukushima, Kyoto and Hiroshima visiting a variety of locations critical to understanding of sustainability. Students' first-hand observations and engagement will be complemented by lectures on each of the four aspects of sustainability from experts such as university professors, museum curators, and local activist groups and sustainability consultants. There will be daily assignments on campus and on the road ranging from Japanese language quizzes and applications to précis' of readings. Finally, students will be required to write a final paper (8-10 pages) on a topic related to some aspect of sustainability in Japan which will be due one week after returning from Japan. The course will be offered for one credit at Bucknell University.

Program Cost

The program cost will be approximately $6500. This includes tuition, round-trip flights, in-country travel, and entry fees. Meals are not be included in the fee.