A physician typically travels with us and has access to all of the medical facilities in Nueva Vida. In addition, emergency hospital care is available in nearby Managua.

You will need to have a Health Physical Exam administered by your health care provider (e.g. physician, nurse-practitioner) prior to the trip. You must be up-to-date on tetanus, Hepatitis A vaccination, typhoid inoculation, and take anti-malarial medicine and use a mosquito repellent. Students with uncontrolled asthma, severe allergies to dust, sunlight, and intolerance to heat should not participate in this program without a physician's approval.

Everyone is expected to act responsibly and take reasonable precautions that they would take anywhere. Overall, the safety risk is low. It is probably a lot safer than travel to some urban areas in the United States.

We will observe some basic rules including that all participants must stay with the group and will not travel on their own without explicit approval from the faculty.