During the University’s academic year, tuition is charged at the rate of $5,475 per course (2015-16 academic year). One course credit equals four credit hours. The maximum number of course credits for which a graduate student may register in a semester is four. During the summer session students may enroll for a total of two full course credits or the equivalent.

Financial assistance is available to well-qualified graduate degree candidates who assist departmental faculty, or who qualify for tuition scholarships granted by the University. Financial aid is awarded on a yearly basis and is normally limited to two years. Preference is given to full-time students.

  • Graduate Assistantship - includes a stipend and tuition remission and is available in all department programs.

Continuation of financial aid in the form of a graduate assistantship into the second year of enrollment is contingent upon satisfactory performance of duties expected of a graduate assistant, including the maintenance of an acceptable GPA (3.0), progress on the thesis project, and satisfactory performance as a teaching assistant.

Educator Tuition Discount

A 40% discount may be available to graduate students in the education program. Applicants must be teachers or other professionals (counselors, psychologists, supervisors, administrators, etc.) employed in public, private not for-profit, or parochial elementary or secondary schools or programs and must be enrolled at Bucknell University in an approved program of courses leading to a master’s degree or state certification in an area of specialization. Other educational objectives may be considered at the discretion of the University. Complete an Educators Scholarship Program Application (pdf) to apply.

Loans and Federal Funding

Federal direct loans are available to help cover graduate school costs and are available to full-time degree seeking students.

Information concerning loans and other federal support can be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.


Graduate students are responsible for arranging their own housing.