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Earn cash just for enrolling in ROTC and completing ROTC Basic Camp.

College sophomores and seniors planning to attend graduate school may qualify for a $5,000 bonus upon completion of their preparatory Army officer training, known as ROTC Basic Camp.


In order to qualify for this ROTC bonus, you must

  • Attend ROTC Basic Camp during summer of 2018
  • Be willing to sign an ROTC NON-SCHOLARSHIP contract
  • Enroll in your participating ROTC school's Military Science III course in the fall term following your completion of Basic Camp

You must NOT

  • Have previously taken or received credit for the ROTC Basic Camp course
  • Have received an ROTC scholarship. ROTC scholarship students are NOT eligible for this bonus

Graduate and military junior college students may also qualify for this bonus.


ROTC Basic Camp is a 31-day training camp designed to introduce college students to ROTC and the Army.

During the course, you will learn basic leadership and critical thinking skills that serve as the foundation for Army commanders. Basic Camp Cadets graduate the course with skills in troop leadership at the team and squad levels. They are also taught how to plan and execute tactical missions.

Basic Camp is primarily made up of college students who joined ROTC in their freshman and sophomore years of college. The course is designed to provide these Cadets with the core military science knowledge that normal-progression Cadets have already received.

Learn more about the ROTC college elective curriculum, and the journey you will take as an ROTC Cadet.

Need more information about ROTC? Learn about the basic qualifications and what you need to get started.

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