Social Justice Residential College

Critically examine marginalization based on intersections of age, ability, class, gender, race, religion and sexuality.

Meet the challenge of these complex societal issues and learn how to work locally and globally toward a more just world.

Social Justice College Student Staff

Kayla McCellon

Kayla McCellon

"I loved being part of the Residential College program because it allowed me to continue conversations on the topic I'm the most interested in outside of the classroom as well. By living around others who share my same passion, I always felt like I had a place to fit in, and was never bored because I always had someone to either relate to or dive into conversation with."

Hometown: Lynn, Mass.
Major: psychology

Social Justice College Alumni

Foundation Seminar Course Choices

Questioning for the Common Good

Critical thinking, writing, and action are required to move the status quo toward social justice.

In this service-learning foundation seminar within the Social Justice Residential College, we will examine critically the need for dissent, the economic and political sources of inequalities and their relationships with well-being, the usually hidden sources of direct and structural violence, and the ongoing epidemic of sexual violence on college campuses. Collaborative service-learning projects will be conducted in offices/programs at Bucknell and provide experiences of working toward social justice on our campus. 

Civil Disobedience and Social Justice

This interdisciplinary Foundation Seminar will analyze both the philosophical and the practical dimensions of civil disobedience, analyzing a number of related questions: What is social justice? What civic duty or moral obligation do we have to obey laws? How valuable is dissent? How effective are strategies of civil disobedience, and must they remain committed to nonviolence?

We will examined classical and contemporary debates concerning the nature of a just society; assess competing arguments concerning the moral duty of citizens to obey laws; and analyze both historical and current examples of movements that have sought to advance social justice through forms of civil disobedience.

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