1. Complete the two page Course Registration Form. The form is a writable pdf that can be printed. There is no online registration for Summer Session.
  2. Obtain approval signature(s) of instructor(s) for any Permission (“P”) courses.
    NOTE: IF YOU ARE NOT ON CAMPUS AT REGISTRATION, contact the instructor to gain approval to enroll before listing any permission (“P”) course(s) on your Course Registration Form. Upon gaining the instructor’s approval, write the instructor’s name, class hours, and amount of credit in the appropriate columns on the card.
  3. Return form to Registrar's Office by Monday, June 10, 2019 - drop/add period ends Friday, June 14, 2019 - Please note: The Registrar’s Office will submit your form to your Academic Dean for permission. Adviser permission is not required for summer school, although you are encouraged to talk to your adviser regarding summer school coursework.
  4. You can drop off courses registration at the Registrar's Office or mail it to Registrar's Office, Bucknell University 1 Dent Drive, Lewisburg, PA 17837.

NOTE: Your enrollment in permission course(s) will be verified by the instructor upon receipt of his or her class roster. It is the instructor’s prerogative to remove you from a permission course for which you did not gain prior approval.

Important Requirements

  1. Health Requirement — Mantoux TB Test, TDAP, and Meningitis.
    All students must show proof of the Mantoux intradermal skin test for tuberculosis taken within six (6) months of registration, as well as TDAP (Tetnus,Diphtheria and Pertussis) vaccine within the past 10 years (since August 2009). If possible, send test results prior to registration to the Student Health Center, Bucknell University, 1 Dent Drive, Lewisburg, PA 17837. Students unable to show proof of TB testing and TDAP vaccine before enrollment will not be permitted to complete enrollment. The health form can be found at bucknell.edu/medicalforms.  The University requires official proof of having received the meningitis vaccine (Group A) since August 2015. Meningitis Vaccine (Group B) is not required but strongly recommended. | Meningitis information (pdf)
  2. Parking.
    All persons (faculty, staff, students, visitors, etc.) must register their vehicle for on-campus use and are responsible for knowing and abiding by Bucknell University parking/traffic regulations. You may register your vehicle online at www.bucknell.edu/parking where you will also find the parking regulations and map in print format. Call 570.577.1057 with questions.
  3. Costs.
    Tuition, fees, and summer housing charges are due by the end of June. These charges must be paid by the due date to avoid late fees. Email bursar@bucknell.edu or  call 570.577.3733 with questions.
    ** Only a percentage of tuition will be credited if withdrawing between the first day of classes through the summer session mid-point; after this date no credit will be issued. **  
  4. Holds.
    In order to be officially registered for courses, all holds (i.e., student health, finance) must be cleared during the first week of classes.