Tyler Moore

What did you make and why is it cool?

This is a forge, such as a blacksmith might use. It's cool because it's useful, Bucknell didn't have one and it's a great platform for work in materials science and art courses. Tyler Moore '14, a mechanical engineering graduate, was interested in blacksmithing and wanted to build a forge. Bucknell's College of Engineering funded the hardware purchase and Tyler constructed a three-burner propane forge with and internal volume of 6"x6"x18". The forge was completed as part of an independent study project building on a shared interest in traditional sword making techniques. It proved to be very effective at rapidly heating steel to a temperature suitable for shaping.

How did you get started?

As with many projects, this one got started because at least one student was passionate about it. I've been interested in sword and knife making for some time, and this is a key tool in that process, so I was happy to collaborate. 

What's next?

The forge will be used by students taking art and engineering courses, and by anyone else interested in forging their own projects. 

The Forge Project

Forge project

Tyler Moore working on the forge