Alan Cheville

Alex MeijerDaniel Prudente

L to R: Professor Alan Cheville, Alex Meijer '14, Daniel Prudente '14

What did you make and why is it cool?

TellMeMore is a Google Glass app that allows customized information in the form of images, text, video or audio to be attached to practically any object you can put a QR code on. This is cool because it allows a Glass wearer to learn about nearly anything in whatever level of detail they want. We're in the process of making it available in Google Play.

How did you get started?

We wanted a way for people to receive hands-free training at any place and any time when they were using complex instruments. This goes way beyond training, though, since you can link nearly any information to any object.

What's next?

We'd like to add geofencing capability so Glass can suggest cool stuff to learn about when you get to a particular location. We want to use this to offer self-guided walking tours of Bucknell that let visitors explore campus in a new way, and capture still images and video of their visit we can send them to visitors after they leave.