In 2010, representatives of the arts departments and centers at Bucknell coalesced into what has become the Bucknell Arts Council. Later that year, the Arts Council designed a Presidential Arts Initiative for advancing, supporting and enhancing the arts at Bucknell.

Initiative 1: Student Engagement with the Arts

As a nationally-ranked liberal arts college, Bucknell should strive to integrate the arts into the life of the community and to seek new means of effective engagement between faculty and students. We, as faculty, view art as neither additive nor decorative; we perceive it as intrinsic and essential. Student engagement with the arts while at Bucknell should establish a relationship to art that extends throughout a liberally-educated individual's life.

Initiative 2: Interdisciplinary Innovations

Artists have long recognized that creativity knows no disciplinary boundaries. By developing programs that promote thinking and creating across disciplinary boundaries, students will be better prepared to respond to the interdisciplinary world in which we live.

Initiative 3: The Arts and Technology

As an institution that combines an excellent College of Arts and Sciences with a top-notch College of Engineering and School of Management, Bucknell is uniquely equipped to take advantage of the intersections between the arts and technology, an area critical to success across disciplines in the digital/electronic age.

Initiative 4: Global & Multicultural Arts

Introducing students to a wide variety of cultures is part of Bucknell's mission. Our physical location in rural Pennsylvania makes exposure to other cultures more challenging, but our strong commitment to the arts provides unique opportunities for enhancing students' cultural literacy in a global context.

Initiative 5: Campus Arts Neighborhood

This initiative proposes the building of new arts structures on campus and creative reallocation of existing spaces to solve our most critical needs for space and to expand on ways that the arts can contribute to our academic, residential, and community environment.

Initiative 6: Downtown Arts District

This initiative proposes to take advantage of Bucknell's recent foothold in the downtown area to integrate Bucknell's arts into the larger Lewisburg community.

Initiative 7: Arts Residencies

The initiative wishes to build upon a strong and extremely active annual calendar of visiting artists through the addition of further residencies that promote interdisciplinary engagement and provide students with invaluable access to the creative process. The regular presence of creative professionals in addition to an active faculty raises the profile of the arts on campus, assists in the recruiting and retention of promising students, and offers interdisciplinary opportunities that reflect our liberal arts model.