The people I’ve met at Bucknell have inspired me to have confidence in my own strength as a leader within my majors, activities and other passions.

Alex Rosen '16

Alex will work for the Department of Justice in the Criminal Division, Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section in Washington, D.C.

During Commencement, Alex received the Bucknell Prize for Women, a prize for excellence in scholarship in English composition and literature, and the Thelma Johnson Showalter Prize for her potential in the field of public and community affairs.

Congratulations, Alex!

"I think I've always had the characteristics to become a leader, but before Bucknell, the opportunities to express those strengths never presented themselves. Here, I've been able to work into leadership positions within my interests to become a better person for the university community and for myself. Where else could I pursue three majors and three jobs in addition to holding positions within student government and my sorority?

"The Bucknell T.E.A.M. Peer Mentor Program and the Multicultural Student Services Ambassadors program have helped me pursue an interest that I've never been able to put into words. T.E.A.M. partners first-year student scholars with upper-class peer mentors to establish supportive and guiding relationships. My involvement with both of these organizations has allowed me to learn more about issues facing people from underrepresented backgrounds at Bucknell. Being a mentor and an ambassador has allowed me to develop a richer understanding of Bucknell, gain valuable experience and grow as a leader.  

"The people I've met at Bucknell have inspired me to have confidence in my own strength as a leader within my majors, activities and other passions. Within my major, my professors have been extremely influential. I always knew I was good at writing, because it came to me naturally, but Professor John Rickard made me feel special about my talent. He showed me I can do something in this world with writing and that I can make a difference if I continue to progress with it.  

"This summer I pursued undergraduate research with him in Irish literature. There is so much more to literature than just reading and writing. It's a way to express social commentary and change the way people view themselves and the world in which they live through simple language. Together we examined works by James Joyce. No one has ever been able to establish a connection between Joyce and Samuel Butler, so I worked with him to create the first tangible account of these similarities. This experience was awesome because it made me a much better researcher and aware of the small details that really make something a great piece of literature."

Alex is from Manhattan Beach, Calif.

Posted November 17, 2014