We built this business brick by brick. Watching it grow like this is exciting.

Elizabeth Adams Mascali '89

When Elizabeth Adams Mascali '89 left Bucknell, she took her newly minted business degree, found a job and planned her future. In her heart, she wanted to start her own company, but she realized she needed to understand business first. She accepted a position as a consultant at Andersen Consulting (now known as Accenture), honing the business savvy and work ethic that would drive her future accomplishments.

Mascali is now an entrepreneur, lifestyle expert and author. Her success is a combination of perseverance, vision, hard work and an academic foundation that brought practicality to her endeavors. It was a shared passion that led Mascali and business partner Dawn Sandomeno - daughter of David Wiltse '60 - to found Party Bluprints Inc. "We both come from large families and are passionate about home entertaining. When we evaluated the need for a one-stop resource that put both inspiring and useful information at hosts' fingertips, we identified an opportunity," says Mascali. With 20-plus years of experience entertaining, Mascali and Sandomeno developed Party Bluprints, detailed party plans for hosting simple and special parties at home. "We launched Party Bluprints as an online property, jumped into the social media space in its infancy, established an audience, became a trusted resource and built a powerful network and influence." Their website, partybluprintsblog.com, now offers inspiration for parties of all kinds, from personalizing a wedding to throwing a trendy "glamping" (luxury camping) party.

The October 2010 release of their book Plan to Party was a watershed moment for Party Bluprints. Says Mascali, "It legitimized us as experts and opened doors to a national audience. Within months, we were featured on The Today Show, Good Day NY and Martha Stewart Radio, and in Good Housekeeping, Kiplinger's and Consumer Reports Smart Shopper."

Mascali and Sandomeno have expanded Party Bluprints' scope as well and work with companies on the implementation of social media and content marketing campaigns. "We use our expertise to work with brands to strategically craft campaigns that organically deliver their message to a targeted audience."

Through myriad platforms, channels and partnerships, Party Bluprints reaches 25 million people monthly, and it's growing. Recently, the Spanish-language website Mamá y Familia named Party Bluprints to its panel of lifestyle experts and began translating their content, giving Party Bluprints access to a new audience and new brands. Reflecting on her success, Mascali says, "We built this business brick by brick. Watching it grow like this is exciting."

Posted October 2014