I can’t imagine a more special way to get engaged — it was such an incredible day.

Jenny Hirsch ’10

Did you catch the wedding proposal in the last issue of Bucknell Magazine? On Page 64 in the Class of 2010 column Josh Mann popped the question to class reporter Jenny Hirsch ’10.

We’re thrilled to announce in this issue that she said yes, and to let you know how the proposal came about.

Josh first emailed us in January. We called him back and explained that after a certain point in our production cycle we could not make changes to the magazine and that there would be no stopping the presses at the last minute. Josh assured us he was committed, and we said we’d love to help.

When we sent the final magazine files to the printer in early April, we asked our press rep. to mail Josh an advance copy — overnight, in a plain envelope — so he’d receive a copy before any of our other readers, especially Jenny. He intercepted the package before she could see it at the apartment they share near Boston, and kept it hidden until they went for a walk the following weekend.

“Josh seemed a little distracted and was on his phone a few times, but I didn’t think much of it,” recalls Jenny. “We sat down on a bench along the Charles River, and he pulled out the latest issue of Bucknell Magazine, which he said had just come in the mail. I started flipping through it, read the 2010 column in the back, and froze when I saw what he had printed below the class updates. What happened after that was a bit of a blur, but there were lots of tears and at some point I said, ‘Yes’. ”

Josh hired a photographer to capture the big moment, and we’re happy to share a few pictures from the proposal here as well.

“I can’t imagine a more special way to get engaged — it was such an incredible day,” says Jenny.