"Any second language is beneficial for brain development and creativity."

The daughter of Costa Rican parents, a bilingual speaker of Spanish and English and the mother of four-year-old twins, Yani Lettman Peyton ’93 has found her place in the business world.

Peyton’s business, Fun with Foreign Language, teaches Spanish to children from 18 months to 13 years, immersing the child in the target language through interactive games and fun activities. “The program teaches Spanish using storybooks, games, puppets, arts and crafts.” says Peyton.

Peyton founded the business in 2006. The business idea came after she realized that her community didn’t have any language programs for preschool-aged children. Her research showed that the children should start learning a language as early as possible. “So I ventured on the path of starting the program,” she says.

She received a BSBA from Bucknell in 1993. When Peyton started at Bucknell, she wanted to be a doctor, but after taking Professor John Miller’s Management 101 and Professor Tim Sweeney’s Marketing 280, she understood that business was what excited her. “That’s when I realized that business is where I needed to be,” she says.

Her business and management skills have definitely carried over to everything that she does now. “I’m applying many of the business fundamentals I learned during my Bucknell educational experiences,” she says. Peyton received an MBA from the University of Maryland–College Park in 2002.

Like many Bucknellians, she met her husband, Russell Peyton ’93, at Bucknell. He has been able to improve his Spanish skills with Peyton and their children. Peyton speaks Spanish to their children, who also attend the program, at home.

Peyton plans to expand the program and introduce other languages, such as Mandarin Chinese, French, and Italian. “Any second language is beneficial for brain development and creativity,” she says.

Posted Fall 2008