I think that finding concrete patterns between variables that are applicable to the social world is really interesting.

Ben Barrett

Starting in the fall of 2016, Ben will pursue a Master of Health Science in the Department of Epidemiology at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. 

Congratulations, Ben!

"I came to Bucknell because I was offered a Presidential Fellowship — and it has given me so many opportunities, especially with research. The summer before my first year, I was paired up with Professor Elizabeth Durden in the sociology department to work on a project for the fellowship. We are looking at Mexican migration. Over the summer, I did research using an online database called the Mexican Migration Project. I searched it for variables that interested me and ultimately decided to focus on economics. I then designed my own project, recorded the variables, ran tests and now I'm working on a paper that will hopefully get published. || Read More 

"My favorite class has been a sociology class called Analyzing the Social World: Quantitative Data Analysis. The class used statistical methods to explore different variables and find interesting and significant patterns between the variables. We also looked at ways to manipulate the data in order to produce more telling results. The class was great for me because it involved the same kind of thinking and skills that my summer research entailed. I think that finding concrete patterns between variables that are applicable to the social world is really interesting. If the analysis is done carefully and correctly then you can't really argue with the numbers and solid results could help make recommendations for businesses or governmental policy. 

"I am going to major in biology and sociology, with a minor in statistics. After Bucknell, I'm interested in potentially working in public health, specifically in the area of epidemiology.  Working in this field would mean looking at data for disease patterns, analyzing the data and then making recommendations about future public policy in order to curb the disease. It is something that would allow me to combine my three different areas of study."

Ben is from Fairport, N.Y.

Posted November 4, 2013