Throughout high school I always loved science, so when I encountered the geology major, I knew I had found my path.

Eric Monfort '16

Eric will work at Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc. in New York City as an environmental geologist. 

During Commencement, Eric received the the Richard P. Nickelsen Prize for a senior demonstrating outstanding performance in geology.

Congratulations, Eric!

"I was introduced to Bucknell at an early age. My older brother attended and played varsity lacrosse, so I was exposed to the program while still young. When I decided to play college lacrosse, I knew Bucknell would be a great fit. It's a beautiful campus with small class sizes and intense academics. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, I saw most of my friends attend large state universities, but I knew I wanted something more personal. Throughout high school I always loved science, so when I encountered the geology major, I knew I had found my path. It's an all-encompassing discipline that applies principles of chemistry, biology, physics and math.

"Since being here, I've formed such strong connections with the faculty in geology and my coaches and teammates in athletics. Professor Mary Beth Gray, geology, has really taken me under her wing. This past summer I was on campus working as part of the Program for Undergraduate Research, and she was my research adviser. We focused on structural geology, a branch of geology that looks at the form, arrangement and internal structure of rocks. We did field work in Shamokin, Pa., analyzing the deformation of the world-renowned Whaleback anticline fold, located in the Bear Valley Strip Mine. We wanted to see how the rocks have changed and shifted over time. I've taken classes with Professor Gray and I'm a teaching assistant for her Engineering Geology course. I meet with her on a weekly basis to discuss both research topics and my current courses. It has truly been an honor to work alongside such an intelligent mentor.

"Being part of the lacrosse team makes me feel like I have a family of 42 brothers. We are a tight-knit group, and we take pride in our team chemistry. You'll always find us together, whether it's for practice or just hanging out in our free time. Our coaches are good friends outside of work, and we have really picked up on that connection. Together we work toward one communal goal — work hard to have the best season possible.  

"Whether I'm on the field with my team or doing geology research, I know the relationships I've formed with the people on this campus are special. Being a Bucknellian has been a rewarding experience and has definitely lived up to all the stories my brother used to share with me."

Eric is from Columbus, Ohio

Posted April 27, 2015