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Dikendra Karki ’19

Dikendra Karki ’19, Electrical engineering

Engineering Nepal’s Recovery

John Leasure '19

John Leasure '19, markets, innovation & design

Creative Thinking, Sustainable Design

Serena Tramm '20

Serena Tramm '20, mechanical engineering

Leading Her Peers

Grevelin Ulerio '19

Grevelin Ulerio '19, psychology and Africana studies

Addressing Underrepresentation

Grace Hwang '19

Grace Hwang '19, international relations and Russian studies

Discovering Russian

Yasameen Mohammadi '20

Yasameen Mohammadi '20, Managing for Sustainability

Changing Lives, Changing Minds

Carolyn Marino '20

Carolyn Marino '20, English–literary studies

Perspectives on Literature

India Carpenter '20

India Carpenter '20, animal behavior and creative writing

Writing, Animals and the Outdoors

Carol Haro '20

Carol Haro '20, Spanish and interdepartmental

Merging Identity and Academics

Justina Bernard '19

Justina Bernard '19, music education

Making Connections Through Music

Natalya "Sasha" Carpenter '19

Natalya "Sasha" Carpenter '19, English-creative writing and Russian studies

A Passion for Writing and Advocacy

Marly Blajsa '19

Marly Blajsa '19, accounting & financial management

Building a Career for the Greater Good

Sophie Kong '19

Sophie Kong '19, cell biology/biochemistry

A Love for the Lab

Kyle Adams '18

Kyle Adams '18, economics and comparative humanities

A Passion for Education

Grace Cook '19

Grace Cook '19, computer science and Italian studies

Combining Computers and Culture

Jacqueline Galindo '18

Jacqueline Galindo '18, Latin American studies and education

Exploring Culture and Identity

Justin Guzman '19

Justin Guzman '19, English – film/media studies

Lights, Camera, Action

Brian Moretti '18

Brian Moretti '18, geology & environmental science

Exploring Earth's History

Mikaela Schaller '18

Mikaela Schaller '18, international relations and French

Global Perspective

David Schwartz '19

David Schwartz '19, computer science & engineering

Developing an Interest in Research

Anushikha Sharma '19

Anushikha Sharma '19, computer science & engineering and women's & gender studies

Claiming Spaces for Diverse Populations

Janiel Slowly '19

Janiel Slowly '19, political science

Seeking Equality Through Education Reform

Reginald Nelson '18

Reginald Nelson '18, markets, innovation & design

Understanding People to Solve Problems

Jamie Risdal '19

Jamie Risdal '19, linguistics and psychology

Where Linguistics, Psychology and Volleyball Meet

Daniel Hayes '18

Daniel Hayes '18, biology

Botany Meets Medicine

Ridhi Sahani '18

Ridhi Sahani '18, biomedical engineering

Movement Through Engineering and Dance

Erin Clark '18

Erin Clark '18, managing for sustainability

Business and Society

Kiran Grewal '19

Kiran Grewal '19, environmental studies

From Undecided to Environmental Studies

Jackson Pierce-Felker '18

Jackson Pierce-Felker '18, psychology and English – creative writing

Action and Expression

Joshua Hellerick '18

Joshua Hellerick '18, physics

Becoming a Physicist

Sam Greenberg '18

Sam Greenberg '18, computer engineering

Experiencing Engineering

Sami Golaski '18

Sami Golaski '18, accounting & financial management

Creating a Bridge Through Accounting

Abby Kreznor '18

Abby Kreznor '18, chemistry

Becoming a Chemist

Shyla Lintz '18

Shyla Lintz '18, civil engineering

Engineer and Athlete

Nicole Adams '18

Nicole Adams '18, art history

Art and Advocacy

Nneoma Ibezim '18

Nneoma Ibezim '18, sociology

Creating Change

Rileigh Casebolt '18

Rileigh Casebolt '18, chemical engineering

Greg Miller '18

Greg Miller '18, interdepartmental – public policy

Winning Statistics

Tegan Stanbach '17

Tegan Stanbach '17, philosophy and women's & gender studies

Academic and Athletic Confidence

Gregory Wolf '17

Gregory Wolf '17, East Asian studies and theatre

Culture and Collaboration

Nick Gorab '17

Nick Gorab '17, global management

A Global Point of View

Nathan Wagner '17

Nathan Wagner '17, mathematics

The Beauty of Mathematics

James Richardson '17

James Richardson '17, classics & ancient Mediterranean studies

The Intersection of Past and Present

Abigail Garrett ’17

Abigail Garrett ’17, biology and Spanish

Opening to New Interests

Nick Bartek '17

Nick Bartek '17, environmental engineering

Well-Rounded Engineer

Meredith Lutz '17

Meredith Lutz '17, animal behavior and applied mathematical sciences

Research at Home and Abroad

Max Ferrer '17

Max Ferrer '17, history and philosophy

History's Insight

Tung Phan '17

Tung Phan '17, computer science & engineering and mathematics

Engineering and Liberal Arts

Zoe Russell ’17

Zoe Russell ’17, English - creative writing and sociology

Reaching Goals Through Community

Colleen McGonigle '17

Colleen McGonigle '17, music and neuroscience

Research and Performance

Alec Rogers '17

Alec Rogers '17, studio art

Identity and Art

Sarah Och '17

Sarah Och '17, psychology

Exploring Ethics

Amber McDonnell '17

Amber McDonnell '17, economics and theatre

Analytical and Creative

Kelsey O'Donnell '17

Kelsey O'Donnell '17, markets, innovation & design

Integrating Marketing, the Environment and Study Abroad

Aaron Messersmith '17

Aaron Messersmith '17, music education

Gaining Classroom Experience