Through my experiences both inside and outside the classroom, I've come across conceptual spaces where marketing, design, and the environment coincide.

Updated June 9, 2017: Congratulations on your graduation, Kelsey!

Kelsey O'Donnell '17Selecting a major during the college application process was particularly tough for me. In high school, there was no subject I liked best. Instead, I enjoyed bits and pieces of each one. But, Bucknell's markets, innovation & design (MIDE) major stuck out to me immediately. I was fortunate to be able to talk to Professors Doug Allen and Richard Kedzior during Admitted Students Day and I was hooked. MIDE was the perfect blend of analytical and creative skills and collaboration. 

"MIDE is a truly interdisciplinary major. As a part of our major requirements, we take four electives that are linked together by a theme that relates back to marketing. I've chosen to focus on graphic design and environmental studies. It's an unusual pair, but they're two topics I'm passionate about and want to incorporate into my career. Through my experiences both inside and outside the classroom, I've come across conceptual spaces where marketing, design, and the environment coincide.   

"I took my first graphic design class during my first semester at Bucknell. That class has helped me in immeasurable ways. I've used my design skills for everything from laying out a presentation to simply visually organizing my thoughts. Learning graphic design has also been lucrative — I've had jobs designing posters and a style guide on campus and working for Uscape Apparel, a school spirit company that was started by a Bucknell alum.  

"Recently, I decided to include an environmental component to my major. It was truly a "eureka" moment, which is funny because we spent a lot of time discussing that concept in class. We concluded that instead of being immediate, eureka moments are often the result of a slow process where you suddenly become conscious of many connections that have been developing in your mind over time. While doing some life-pondering during a hike, it hit me over the head that I was missing out on an opportunity to pursue something I'm passionate about — the environment. Interpreting the impacts of sustainable efforts requires an understanding of markets, innovation, and design, so environmental studies fits right into my major.    

"My study abroad experience in Copenhagen, Denmark has revolved around my interest in graphic design. It's been exciting to work with students from different backgrounds and share our diverse perspectives. My class has gone on study tours to Western Denmark and the Netherlands, so I've been able to experience different Scandinavian and European design aesthetics, which will serve as sources of inspiration for future projects. While abroad, as a part of my Presidential Fellowship project, I've chronicled my experiences through a design blog, The Denmark Effekt. Writing and designing this blog has helped me examine my experiences and look critically at how I've grown as a student and an individual during the semester.   

"I'm planning to spend my second semester abroad in Australia on a field study program that focuses on sustainable development. I chose a field study program because I love the experiential approach that many of my professors take when designing courses. I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to experience life in two different cultures. Looking back, I can see how much I've developed as an individual, and my study abroad experience has served as an extra push to continue growing and expanding my comfort zone. I'm looking forward to returning to Bucknell next year and seeing where my final two semesters will take me."  

Kelsey is from Berkeley Heights, N.J.

Posted November 19, 2015