I applied to Bucknell undecided and spent two years taking classes in every department I could.

Kiran Grewal '19
Kiran Grewal '19 studying on the Bucknell campus.
Photo by Emily Paine, Division of Communications

"I knew that I liked the idea of a small campus that would allow me to get personal interaction with professors and be more than just a number. When I visited Bucknell, I was taken aback. The campus was just gorgeous. It still is. Every time I walk around campus, whether the sun is setting or it's snowing, I think how I live in the most beautiful place. I knew I would be really happy here.

"I applied to Bucknell undecided and spent two years taking classes in every department I could. I was so torn for months because I love learning and exploring things that I have never heard of before. Taking classes in all sorts of different departments has been a great joy of mine. Initially I was thinking I would major in classics because I took Latin all throughout high school, and I fantasized about how cool it would be to do research with ancient manuscripts. Then I was thinking psychology because the mind is so interesting. People would ask me what I was going to major in and I would tell them that I could probably major in anything and be happy, because I just love to learn.

"What led me to environmental studies was a research paper for my first-year foundation seminar. The class was called Civil Disobedience. I had to write a paper about a group that practiced civil disobedience and I chose an environmental group that was so passionate that they were willing to go to extreme measures to protect the Earth. That was really cool and it prompted me to take an environmental studies class. I realized that I want to spend my life trying to save the environment. I feel like I am called to action.

"Outside of class I am involved in theatre productions on campus. I love being backstage for performances. I stage manage. We make sure the whole show comes together from day one. We run rehearsals, keep track of paperwork and communicate with every person on the production team. It's a super stressful job, but it is the most rewarding experience to go from day one of a production meeting with an empty stage through hours and hours of rehearsals and watch a show come together. When you finally open the show and you are the one who is telling the lights when to go, the crew members when to take something on — you make the show happen. It is such a beautiful thing."

Kiran is from Closter, N.J.

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Posted 6/9/2017