Bucknell has taught me that things don’t have to stay the way they are. There is always room for improvement.

Updated June 9, 2017: Max will work for Nielson as an innovation analyst for their Professional Service Analytics Experience in Parsippany, N.J. Congratulations, Max!

Max Ferrer '17"When I visited Bucknell, I found that people had a wide range of interests and the University was providing them with the resources they wanted to explore those interests. In my time here, I have met people with different social, academic and extracurricular pursuits, and I love that there is a place at Bucknell for every one of those people.

"Although I came into Bucknell undeclared, I quickly became hooked on history after taking the Modern Middle East with Professor Mehmet Dosemeci during my first year. I was so in awe about the opinions and insights my classmates and professor had to offer. I was shown so many points of view about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and other issues in the Middle East that I had never heard before.

"After that, I kept taking classes with Professor Dosemeci and Professor Jennifer Thomson in the history department, which led me to find my main focus within my major: intellectual history. My focus is based on the pairing of historical events with philosophical theories of how history works.

"For my honors thesis, I will be analyzing historical conceptualizations of the self and the different structures in American politics associated with race relations. Through analyzing the Black Lives Matter movement, I will be looking to see if current policies allow for movement within the national social system as well as agency in political activism. Outside the classroom, I help engage others in topics like this through history club events, dinners and movies.

"Bucknell has taught me that things don't have to stay the way they are. There is always room for improvement and a way to make life better. I would encourage Bucknell students and prospective students everywhere to take more initiative and make meaningful change in their lives. Otherwise they won't get the most out of their college experience and life beyond Bucknell."

Max is from West Hartford, Conn.

Posted 5/3/16