My majors complement each other in both the courses I take and the research I’m involved in.

Updated June 9, 2017: Meredith will pursue a doctoral degree in animal behavior at the University of California, Davis. During Commencement, Meredith received the Bucknell Prize in Animal Behavior. Congratulations, Meredith!

Meredith Lutz '17"I always knew I wanted to work with primates, so when Professor Judge, animal behavior and psychology, showed me the monkey lab, I knew Bucknell was the place for me. What I didn't know was that I would become not only an animal behavior major, but an applied mathematical sciences major as well.

"My majors compliment each other in both the courses I take and the research I'm involved in. The statistics professors are especially open to collaboration between my animal behavior education and my statistics projects. The intertwining of the two majors has really helped me produce more meaningful research. For example, I am working with Professor Meyer in math to analyze data on how monkeys use touch screens. I have also been working in Professor Judge's lab, adding to his empirical work on play behavior in monkeys. Accepting the Barry Goldwater Scholarship for this research pushed me to look outward and continue to build upon my three years of findings.  

"I knew I could further my research if I went abroad, so I chose to study through the School for International Training Madagascar Biodiversity & Natural Resource Management Program. I got to explore various parts of Madagascar while learning about biodiversity and local environmental issues. In my last month there, I continued the research I had been doing at Bucknell by collecting and analyzing data on lemurs. The addition of this research will play a crucial role in helping me write a paper on how an animal's environment affects play behavior. I hope to go back as soon as possible to collect more data and live with these beautiful creatures."    

Meredith is from Centennial, Colo.

Posted 4/20/16