I really appreciate the context of management within the liberal arts at Bucknell.

Updated June 9, 2017: Congratulations on your graduation, Nick!

Nick Gorab '17"I came to Bucknell knowing I wanted to study global management. In high school, I participated in a program called Pennsylvania School of Global Entrepreneurship, which cemented my interest in macroeconomics. We had the opportunity to meet with industry leaders in different sectors to discuss global business strategy including macro and microeconomics.

"The global management major at Bucknell asks you to look at macroeconomic trends from a thousand feet up, which helps you understand how those trends affect different regions of the world and how these effects vary from country to country. Beyond that, the major has allowed me to craft my own degree. I put a large emphasis finance within the context of supply chain and flow of capital.  

"I chose Asia as my region of focus because I see a lot of collectivity coming from that region of the world. You can hardly find a global GDP report without a substantial section dedicated just to China's productivity. I think if you're a global manager, it's important to concentrate on reading about the world.  

"I really appreciate the context of management within the liberal arts at Bucknell. One of my favorite courses was International Politics with Professor Doces. It was centered on daily news reports and the political and economic effects of decisions made by global leaders. I found that I was able to translate that information to my management classes very well.  

"I participated in two international summer opportunities through Bucknell. The first was in Cape Town, South Africa, on a trip led by one of my management professors, Tammy Hiller. It was a social entrepreneurship-focused trip, so we worked with small startup businesses in the area as well as nonprofit organizations. While I was there, I worked directly with a women's shelter in Langa, which is an impoverished part of Cape Town. The opportunity to have such a hands-on experience was definitely enlightening, and my time in Cape Town changed my perspective on how global managers should think of their social impact.   

"The second opportunity I had was a two-week trip to Ghana and Amsterdam led by Professor McGoun in global management. We did community service work, and in Ghana, we also met with graduate students at a local university. I sat next to someone who was wrestling with the concept that inflation was not an accurate economic measure in Ghana because so much is based on bartering. In the barter system, unlike with monetary transactions, there are huge variations in the standard unit price, which makes it difficult to pin down inflation trends. We shared ideas on how to tweak the existing means of calculating inflation in Ghana to more accurately represent the current economic state."

Nick is from Franklin Lakes, N.J.

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Posted 12/13/2016