To me it’s not that important what grade I get as much as being able to say that I learned something and came out different — that’s what matters.

Updated June 9, 2017: Tegan will pursue a master's degree in philosophy at Durham University in Durham, England where she also received an athletic scholarship to play water polo. Congratulations, Tegan!

Tegan Stanbach '17

"When I was looking for colleges, I knew I wanted liberal arts with a tight-knit community and that I wanted to play Division I water polo on the East Coast. When I visited, I thought campus was beautiful and I loved the team. It was an easy decision from there. My parents supported me deciding to go so far from home. I can't express how grateful I am.

"I came in very undecided and my professors have helped me to explore what I'm most interested in. I took Intro to Women's & Gender Studies with Professor Nikki Young and she's the reason I became a major. I also really enjoyed History of Sexuality with Professor Erica Delsandro, who is amazing. It got me interested in feminist theory, queer theory and literary theory.

"Professor Jeffrey Turner has really widened my interest in philosophy. When I took the Philosophy of Peace and Nonviolence with Professor Richard Fleming, I decided to become a philosophy major as well. To me it's not that important what grade I get as much as being able to say that I learned something and came out different — that's what matters.

"I'm sometimes surprised by how involved I am on campus — I think the time I devote to the community shows how much I love Bucknell. My activities have helped me cultivate what I'm really interested in and my favorite thing is seeing how everything I do interrelates. I bring my feminism to my philosophy classes and philosophy to my women's & gender studies classes. I'm trying to get an athlete ally program started through my involvement with Speak UP.

"I've made a similar connection since I interned for The Representation Project, a nonprofit in San Francisco that makes documentaries to help break stereotypes, like Miss Representation and The Mask You Live In. Now, through my internship in women's & gender studies, I'm working on doing a video series to show these documentaries at the Campus Theatre.

"Water polo has been the biggest defining thing in my life — it was my focus in high school and then coming here, it gave me a family right away. I've found that most of my confidence in life comes from being confident in the water. Being able to make decisions in the pool really carries over to other parts of my life. The team is very close and my best memories have been through water polo. Beating Princeton last year was the culmination of so much of what I've worked toward."

Tegan is from Menlo Park, Calif.

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Posted 12/13/2016