August 17, 2012

Dotun OdewaleMy name is Dotun Odewale, a senior economics and philosophy double major. I am the President of Bucknell Student Government and on behalf of BSG we would like to welcome the Class of 2016.

Tonight is a night of excitement for some and sadness others. The first night of Orientation is a big night for everyone - the administration, the parents, the students and especially the borough of Lewisburg. The first day I arrived I was greeted by screaming OAs and a lot of moving. My roommate and I must have rearranged our room at least four times before we found the perfect set-up. From then, I knew Bucknell would be the place for me.

And over past three years on this beautiful campus, I have had the opportunity to make some lifelong friends, life-changing decisions and learn a thing or two in the classroom. While going through the up and downs of college, one thing has stood out to me, the investment Bucknell makes in its students.

As you may have noticed after the first day, Bucknell's orientation is completely different from those of your friends; from the overly enthusiastic OAs to the OLs in the shadows and finally the OC and AOC that make this all possible, you are surrounded by dedicated people. Each and every person has dedicated their time to making this one of the best orientation programs in the country. All they ask is that you dedicate your time to having the most fun and making the best of this week.

But it should not end here. When classes start we, as Bucknellians, ask that you dedicate your time to the classroom, dedicate some time to various clubs and organizations and finally dedicate some time to making these next four years the best four years of your life. Take advantage of the Bucknell bubble and make sure you enjoy the diversity of those around you. Talk to the person that sits on either side of you and you'll find that he or she had a completely different life than you have. Those I consider my best friends on this campus have completely different backgrounds from me and it is this diversity that brought us closer as friends.

NFL great Mark Stram once said, "As you matriculate your way down the field of life, never forget this moment and the wonderful people who helped make this day possible."

Welcome to Bucknell and I hope you dedicate as much to it as it dedicates to you.