Mick Smyer, ProvostIt is, indeed, a pleasure to welcome once again the Class of 2018 and the transfer students who are joining the Bucknell community for the first time.

As I thought about this evening's session, I was reminded of three important questions that could shape your Bucknell experience.

As I mentioned on Friday night, over the next four years we will work with you to focus on what is important and essential to you. In doing so, I hope you will answer these three important questions:

What gives me deep satisfaction? (As Bill Gates and Warren Buffet put it in an essay: what leaves you "tap dancing to work"). What am I good at? (and don't limit yourself solely to what you were good at upon graduating from high school. ) And who cares? (What is the social structure that will support me in what I deeply like to do and am good at?)

Fortunately, you are in a great university designed to help you answer all three questions, to help you develop academically and existentially over the next four years. A faculty member put it best: "This is a student-centered place. The whole place is keyed to educate undergraduates at the most holistic level."

Now I'd like to introduce several of my colleagues who are with us on stage tonight. They are part of this community working on your behalf:

You have already heard from Reverend John Colatch, University Chaplain, who offered the invocation.

Dr. Keith Buffinton, Dean of the College of Engineering, and Bucknell alumnus; Dr. George Shields, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences; Rabbi Serena Fujita, the university's Jewish chaplain; and Fr. Bernard Wamayose, the university's Catholic chaplain.

I'd also like to acknowledge several faculty colleagues who were honored at Commencement last May for their outstanding teaching:

  • For the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, Peter Groff, Associate Professor of Philosophy;
  • For the William Pierce Boger Jr., M.D. Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Natural Sciences, Ned Ladd, Professor of Physics and Astronomy;
  • For the Class of 1956 Lectureship Award for Inspirational Teaching, Jamie Hendry, Associate Professor of Management;
  • For the Presidential Awards for Teaching Excellence, we have two awardees, Tim Raymond, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering ; and T. Joel Wade, Professor of Psychology
  • For the Writing Across the Curriculum Award of Excellence, Roger Rothman, Associate Professor of Art History

Now I'd like to ask Professor Kim Daubman, Chair of the faculty to come forward and extend a welcome to the newest members of the Bucknell community on behalf of the faculty.