Strategy #1: Strengthen the Academic Core

Bucknell will offer an academic program that achieves the highest standard of quality across its liberal arts and professional programs.  Bucknell supports innovation and distinctiveness in areas of current and emerging importance and relevance. 

Strategy #2: Deepen the Residential Learning Experience

Bucknell will provide an integrated, residential learning and living experience that supports and complements the academic program.  Bucknell’s close-knit residential community will promote personal growth and development, a sense of justice and ethical responsibility, and a commitment to civic engagement.

Strategy #3: Enhance Diversity

Bucknell will adopt an unwavering commitment to diversity in all its forms.  This commitment will be carried out within a civil, supportive, and nurturing environment of open exchange.

Strategy #4: Build Bridges

Bucknell will pursue a more progressive and multi-faceted interaction with local and regional constituencies and the outside world.  The University will establish bridges to bring the world to Bucknell — and bring Bucknell to the world.

Strategy #5: Secure Our Financial Future

Bucknell will secure the resources necessary to engage new opportunities, lessen its dependence on tuition, and ensure its financial future.